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Temp fix for DM client multiple creature control issue (8193.34)

Carlo_OneCarlo_One Member Posts: 73
edited January 30 in Dungeon Masters
PSA since I haven't seen it posted here.

With the latest build of NWN:EE, 8193.34, the CTRL+click+drag mouse function to highlight a group of creatures, which enables the DM to give move/attack commands to them, is not enabled by default.

The temporary fix is to edit your settings.tml file (in the NWN:EE data directory) as follows:

Go to the [server] category

Underneath that, make sure that:

player-party-control = true

Unfortunately this setting enables the function for all players/DMs, which allows similar control for player-associated creatures that may not be desired. This has been officially reported to Beamdog. It also seems that the fix isn't working 100% for everyone, so should be tested in-game.
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