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Belhifet fight strategy at Legacy of Bhaal Difficulty

poncherello83poncherello83 Member Posts: 5
I'm playing at "Legacy of Bhaal" difficulty. I am in the final fight with Belhifet and I choose to fight with Caelar at my side. My party is composed by: my PC (a chevalier), Khalid, Jaheira, Safana, Minsc and Dynaheir.
I have buffed my character with many potions, but when the fight starts Belhifet casts "Dissolve Effects" and remove all the buffs. I also tried to sacrifice a member of my party (Safana) to let her the only member to loose all the buffs, but then she dies too quickly. In addition at the start of the fight, I get surrounded by six demons and by Hepheernan.

Belhifet is invisible, nobody of my party can hit him. My pc has a +3 longsword, Safana has +3 arrows and Dynaheir has +3 projectiles.

How can I avoid "dissolve effects" spells? How can I hit him? Which strategy should I use in this fight? I try to summon skeletons and spiders with Dynaheir but she get surrounded after the first summoning and dies.

I tried to kill all the monsters but Belhifet summons a new monster every 10 seconds.

Protection from Undead can work on my pc or it is unuseful?
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  • ArienArien Member Posts: 1
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    Try to use spell immunity (5th level wizard spell) in order to protect from remove magic. Use Web spell and Freedom of movement potion to control summoned demons. Heal Celar with greater restoration scrolls.
  • poncherello83poncherello83 Member Posts: 5
    I have used spell immunity but how can I choose from what spell I protect Dynaheir? I cast the spell but Dynaheir losts all his buffs. I try with web spell and giving free action to Caelar, but she dies too quickly. In my party I have my pc and Khalid with +3 longsword and Minsc with a +3 mace and Dynaheir with wand of summoning but I make a very little damage to Belhifet and in the end I get surrounded by demons because Belhifet summons too many demons.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,845
    If you want to protect buffs from being dispelled, the school you want on that Spell Immunity is abjuration. Other schools have different uses; divination immunity protects against being revealed by True Sight, for example. You can cast multiple instances of Spell Immunity with different schools if you have the slots for it.
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