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Crippling Strike is capped at -7 to hit/damage (fixed file attached)

Dan_PDan_P Member Posts: 68
Just something I noticed recently, while fixing sneak attack values for some mod kits. The backstab.spl file doesn't scale past -7. The dialogue box will show higher penalties for high level Assassins, but the actual effect is capped lower (tested on PCs). This is the case in both IWD:EE v2.5 and v2.6.

The attached file will allow Assassins to actually reach -10 stat reduction. It actually extends further, as low as -16 (for a level 50 Assassin), though you'll normally only reach -10. Just drop in the override. Note that this doesn't make any other changes (i.e. to durations).


  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 782
    Interesting! Curious that no one caught that before... Well done!
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