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Region of Terror: The Arena

Grumnar1982Grumnar1982 Member Posts: 16
I have seen, on multiple forums, posts about the buggy nature of the Arena in Region of Terror. My main concern right now is simple. I am curious how long is the Arena supposed to take to changes "days." I just completed day 3, so I figured I would wait till the next game day and continue with my Arena battles. But the Staff Member who send you into the battle area keeps saying that "Day Three has just ended, wait for day 4." I have now waited over 18 game days, and I keep getting the same message. Are the Arena DAYS only available on certain days of the week in game? Like Day 1 = Sunday, Day 2 = Monday, and you can only continue the battles on the correct day of the week.

So like I do Day 1 on a Sunday...I could only fight Day 2's battle on a Monday. So if I showed up on a Friday I would not be able to do anything?

Also just to piggy back off some other forum posts...does anyone know why I am unable to do the mage duels? I have Neera (17) and Aerie (14/14) so both should be able to do it according to the in game text. But the Staff member only has the option of "I am not interested."


  • inethineth Member Posts: 665
    All those questions should now be answered here, as part of the RoT walkthrough I've started writing on the Baldur's Gate Wiki.
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