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Oh Aye Me Wee Folk

2 Dwarf, 2 Gnome, 2 Halfling party idea:

Dwarf (Dwarven Defender, Fighter/Cleric)
Gnome (Cleric/Illusionist, Fighter/Illusionist)
Halfling (Priest of Tempus, Fighter/Thief)

- or -

Dwarf (Dwarven Defender, Berserker)?
Gnome (Cleric/Illusionist, Thief/Illusionist)?
Halfling (Priest of Tempus, Priest of Talos)?

3 Dwarf, 2 Gnome, 1 Halfling party idea:

Dwarf (Dwarven Defender) It's a given.
Dwarf (Fighter/Cleric)
Dwarf (Fighter/Cleric)
Gnome (Cleric/Illusionist)
Gnome (Fighter/Illusionist)
Halfling (Fighter/Thief) Another given.

6 Gnome party idea:

Fighter - No kit. Full sword -n- board.
Fighter - A Berserker Gnome?
Fighter/Cleric - Need that Combat Medic.
Fighter/Illusionist - Need one range with bows. Summon spells?
Cleric/Illusionist - Range. Maybe go with damage spells?
Cleric/Thief - Would be nice to see this combo get some love.

A full Dwarf or Halfling party would be a bit of a challenge, no 'mage' spell caster. However, 2 Priests of Talos could wreck some foes. Of course, would have to pay for item ID in town? Or maybe one, of the priests could have 18 INT for the lore bonus? Could ID some items, no?

Anyone play or theory craft a group with just the lil' wee ones?


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    Okay, I have to admit I was just messing around with forming a wee group. Now I am really making one. I like the first group idea with 2 each wee one. However, I want to go with a Priest of Talos instead of Tempus for that gg lightning bolt. I know lightning bolt is tricky to use since it ricochets, but it's fun. It's not as much fun as a fire ball, but still fun.

    Okay, so here is my group. Off I go now. Time to adventure... WITH ME WEE FOLKS!

    Dwarf: Dwarven Defender, Chaotic Good.
    STR: 18/100 I kid you not that was on the first reroll.
    Dex: 17
    Con: 19
    Int: 10
    Wis: 12
    Cha: 10

    Dwarf: Fighter/Cleric, Chaotic Neutral (Giving Star?)
    Str: 18/92 It's in the 91-99 group, so I am happy.
    Dex: 10 I will be using a shield.
    Con: 19 Fighter only I know, but those saves.
    Int: 10
    Wis: 17 Could have waited till I got an 18, but I won't get max level spells anyway.
    Cha: 10

    Gnome: Cleric/Illusionist, Chatic Good
    Str: 14
    Dex: 17 Should have been a 16 so Int could be 19.
    Con: 16
    Int: 18 Crap, I effed up on this one. Should have been a 19.
    Wis: 17
    Cha: 10 Rolled 92 points and still a 10 haha.

    Gnome: Fighter/Illusionist, Chaotic Good
    Str: 14
    Dex: 16
    Con: 18
    Int: 19 Weeeeee.
    Wis: 10
    Cha: 10

    Halfling: Priest of Talos, Chaotic Neutral
    Str: 14
    Dex: 19 For a priest no less haha.
    Con: 16
    Int: 10
    Wis: 17 Maybe I'll find that +1 wis potion.
    Cha: 10

    Halfling: Fighter/Thief, Choatic Good
    Str: 17
    Dex: 19
    Con: 18
    Int: 10
    Wis: 10
    Cha: 18 Someone had to get it, especially with another 92 point roll.

    Sooo... not having Str 15 on me wee ones is a bit of a bummer, can't use large shields. I will definitely remember that lesson moving forward. Good thing I exported my Dwarven Defender and Fighter/Thief. I would just have to roll the other 4 again or see how far this wee ones group will go.
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    Looks like a fun party!
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 870
    I personally like dwarven F/Ts because of the 18 strength and throwing daggers, but I see the appeal of Bilbo the halfling and better dexterity.
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    Aerakar: Yeah it's fun so far. At the snake temple atm. Just got the magic throwing axe for my Dwarf Defender. I thought about that or a Dwarf Thief w/out a kit, but a Dwarf Fighter/Cleric sounded better. Plus the Halfling can't Fighter/Cleric.

    thespace: Thanks. NOW that's a challenge. I tried fury mode at level one with a full 6 party and the beetles under the bar killed my party. I haven't laughed that loud in a long time. Then I tried it on the wolf in Aspel's house and it murdered all 6 faster than the beetles did. I love this game.
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    I've always done better with melee and Clerics vs. range and Mages. It would be interesting to try a group out w/out a Mage, Bard, or Sorcerer. I can always run to town to ID stuff. If I run a group with 2 Priest of Talos, then there is my arcane power right there.

    I'm using a Priest of Talos in my wee ones group. I cast Animate Dead to draw mobs and force casters to waste their spells on them vs. my party, then I zap them with the lightning bolt when they are grouped. It's fun to watch the bolt bounce around in rooms. Having that shield helps a bunch too when it hits me and doesn't do a thing. I laugh, it's so much fun.

    Sometimes I have too much fun playing this game.
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    I should give that a shot. The experience points divided 4 ways would make for stronger characters.
    2 melee and 2 range? Paladin, Cleric, Fighter/Mage, and Fighter/Thief? Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling?

    I don't really understand the alignments or what would be better combos.
    Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Neutral?
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    I have seen a few items that good alignments can't use, but not that many, thankfully.

    It does get a bit clunky/cumbersome with six characters, especially in those narrow areas, but having 3 up front and 3 range is helpful with some fights. There are sometimes I use all 6 for range, but I guess I could do the same with 4.

    Yeah, I will try out the 4 character group. Go dual class? Maybe, since the experience will come faster with 4 vs 6?
    Fighter to level 3 for the boost in hit points and weapon skills, then go thief? Do the same with fighter to mage?
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    My wee ones group is Group 3 and parked them in Chapter Two about to go to the Severed Hand.

    Group one took 26 days and 19 hours. Undead Hunter, Fighter/Cleric, Cleric/Ranger, Archer, Cleric/Mage, Fighter/Thief.
    Group two took 30 days and 14 hours. Dwarven Defender, Fighter/Cleric, Cleric Ranger, Priest of Tempus, Skald, Fighter/Thief
    Group three took 43 days on the dot. Dwarven Defender, Fighter/Cleric, Priest of Talos, Fighter/Illusionist, Cleric/Illusionist,

    Group four took 27 days and 3 hours. Cavalier, Berserker, Fighter/Cleric, Priest of Talos, Cleric/Mage, Fighter/Thief

    Yeah that's how me wee ones group faired against the others. Those short stubby little legs makes for longer travel times. At this point all the levels range around 6-7 with a few at level 8. Now off I go to the next chapters to see how my wee ones group will do.

    I have all 4 parked before chapter 6. I had 5 groups but I deleted the 5th. I'll use that group for when I mod the game a bit.

    Group one took 92 days and 5 hours. Undead Hunter 9, Fighter/Cleric 9/9, Cleric/Ranger 9/8, Archer 9, Fighter/Thief 9/11,
    Cleric/Mage 9/10.
    Group two took 80 days and 1 hour. Dwarven Defender 10, Cleric/Ranger 9/8, Fighter/Cleric 9/9, Fighter/Thief 9/11, Priest of Tempus 10, Skald 12.
    Group three took 90 days on the dot. Dwarven Defender 10, Fighter/Cleric 9/9, Priest of Talos 10, Fighter/Illusionist 9/10, Cleric/Illusionist 9/10, Fighter/Thief 9/11
    Group four took 56 days and 3 hours. ==Insane Mode== Cavalier 12, Berserker 12 (almost 13), Fighter/Cleric 10/10, Fighter/Thief 10/12, Cleric/Mage 10/11, Priest of Talos 13.

    Insane Mode really kicked in after chapter 3.

    Group One took 110 Days and 10 Hours. Undead Hunter 11, Fighter/Cleric 10/10, Cleric/Ranger 10/9, Archer 11, Fighter/Thief 10/12, Cleric/Mage 10/11.
    Group Two took 98 Days and 17 Hours. Dwarven Defender 12, Cleric/Ranger 10/9, Fighter/Cleric 10/10, Fighter/Thief 10/12, Priest of Tempus 12, Skald 14. OH AYE ME WEE FOLK NEXT!
    Group Three took 126 Days and 14 Hours. Dwarven Defender 12, Fighter/Cleric 10/10, Priest of Talos 12, Fighter/Thief 10/12, Fighter/Illusionist 10/11, Cleric/Illusionist 10/11.
    Group Four took 83 Days and 7 Hours ==Insane Mode== Cavalier 15, Berserker 16, Fighter/Cleric 12/12, Fighter/Thief 12/15, Cleric/Mage 12/12, Priest of Talos 17

    No matter how you slice it, characters will always be 9-12 (beside the Bard) unless insane or HoF mode is on?
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