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Regarding "You may not set a trap, while there are enemies around" bug

KlonedioKlonedio Member Posts: 1
TLDR: If you want to set traps, save and zoom as close as possible before attempting.

As google didn't yield any recent posts about this, I assumed it's unresolved and people have simply given up on traps.
I'm referring to issue described here

There seems to be actually two issues:
1. Trap set failure gets wrong message(the one about enemies around)
2. The game actually thinks there are mobs around when there aren't, and it has something to do with the zoom level.

The thing is, trap set success was never about the mob "seeing you", it's about you seeing the mob, see link below.

"blind thief trick"

The zoom feature somehow seems to be messing with this seeing thing a lot. When I zoom way up close, I get a set-trap-success rate that actually reflects the thief's skill. Meanwhile zooming way out, almost guarantees failure.


  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 52
    The line of sight in this game is tricky. I inch as far as I can and do a quick save if I haven't been spotted. I see how far I can go and load the last quick save. Now granted, that can get very tedious if you do it too much. I only do it because I am curious on how I can better cast my lightning bolt with my priest of talos without it ricocheting and killing my party.

    I guess it's more of a learning tool for me. I can just as easily plow through them, but I like to do things like that every once in a while. Now, I usually play with a spell caster in my group, so this is where invisibility come in handy. It allows me to scout areas with my thief.

    I remember setting traps was an issue when I first played this game way before EE. I stopped using them because of that, plus they didn't seem to do that much for the time spent placing them. I would rather lure mobs to my group and rain arrows and stones on them if they are not immune to non-magical weapons.

    Because of my past experience with laying traps, I am very hesitant to use the bounty hunter kit for the thief.
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