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Glint's romance does not progress :(

nickclark89nickclark89 Member Posts: 3
Hello! Before I start, believe me I read every single thread I have found about this, the variables talks and all, here and there, so maybe opening a new thread is not going to be worth it :( but I'm hoping since is 2022 someone can help me with new ways that I dont know lol

At first I thought I got ninjamanced by Corwin (she is the only one that has talks in the EE Keeper) but I think everything is fine (see pic)


I just dont know how to start talk 3 with Glint, I tested everything (in game resting, CLUAConsole:AdvanceRealTime, traveling through maps and key areas ) and nothing.

once thing I know is that always in my playthrough talk 2 shows up in a save I have everytime I go to Dead Man's pass. But after that the romance freezes and I really dont know why, I have his companion quest done and all.

Another thing that I noticed is that talk 2 doesnt show up if the characters have the invisibility spell activated, so I didnt cast that spell anymore and run by lots of areas to see if talk 3 shows up, nothing

edit. also I speedrun the endgame with the godly bow and nothing


I manually added the talk 3 to variable 1 and it seems it did the trick, hope the same is for the last two talks lol


did the same with talk 4 and it worked, then I didnt have to add talk 5 before going to hell, it was automatic, I dont know why talk 3 and 4 bugged tbh
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