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how to migrate a persistent Worlds (.mod) from 1.69 to EE?

hi, I play in a persistent world but I am not the owner and we want to migrate to the EE from the 1,69.
The problem is that I'm the only tech savvy (i'm a software developer) in the group and the only one who has time (really not a lot) to spend time to it, but i never developed anything for nwn1 and never ran a multiplayer server.
I just know that now the persistend world is a .mod file and it runs on nwserver on a google cloud virtual machine.
so in my hands I only have the .mod, the settings of nwserver and the machine.
The .mod is uploaded here.

can I kindly ask for help?
many thanks in advance


  • ricoyungricoyung Member Posts: 83
    edited June 21
    Open the mod using the NWNEE toolset and save- as to a different dir, and new name if u want..or same
    Has worked for me and others, though depending on how much the mod was scripted, you may run into
    things in world that may not work, but usually can be fixed.
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