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the ice tower in the endgame doesn't open

I reached the last part of the game, returned to the start city, killed all the cyclopes and freed citizen. the only thing to do is to go to the temple and face Belhifet, right?
when I approach the ice tower (former temple), there supposed to be a door. But in this playthrough it doesn't appear. Did I missed something? I think I got everything done, and I have a questlog "go to the tower". Is it a bug?
I can provide a save file if needed


  • inethineth Member Posts: 708
    edited March 2022
    You have to talk to Everard (in the prison camp in the bottom-right part of the map).
    He "teaches" your party how to enter the tower, which activates a clickable area on the tower's entrance.

    Here's a walkthrough that I wrote: Gaining entrance to the ice tower
  • Rothe123Rothe123 Member Posts: 4
    I talked to everard and he taught me the sign when i go to the ice tower there is no icon to go into it. is there a location code i can use to teleport into it since AR1101 is not longer valid.
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