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Viconia/Edwin not learning spells - Solved

l3thological3thologica Member Posts: 8
I’ve had Viconia pretty early on, as I seeked out my evil party quickly to build them up. Since I got her around level 5 I believe, she’s now level 9 and has not learned a single new cleric spell. All she can cast is command and cure light wounds. This makes her pretty useless as a party member and cleric.

Is something wrong here? Shouldn’t she be learning new cleric spells each level or so?? She has Honorary Ring of Sune equipped, but that seems to be the only thing related to spell learning.

*Edit* I picked up Edwin, had him scribe some scrolls and no matter what I do, rest, level him up, rest at inn, his new spells aren’t showing up either. All he has is colorspray, which makes him about as useful as a male nipple in this game.

Really hard to progress in SOD as an evil character when they take all your money, take away Dorn, SharTeel, and Kagain, and all you have left is a competent sorcerer with an incompetent mage and Druid who can’t do anything.

I’m on BGEE: SOD on switch. Heroes haven’t been learning new spells the whole game.
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,644
    Clerics know all the spells of each level they can cast, as soon as they can cast spells of that level. When you got Viconia at level 5, she could cast all of the cleric spells up to spell level 3. She added fourth level spells at cleric level 7, and fifth level spells at cleric level 9. Sixth level spells won't come until cleric level 11, which you can't reach in BGEE even with SoD.

    Mages learn new spells by scribing. That has a chance to succeed or to fail; with Edwin's 18 Int, he'll succeed about 70% of the time when scribing non-Conjuration spells, and 100% of the time when scribing Conjuration spells. Unless you're playing at Normal difficulty or lower, in which case scribing is a guaranteed success.

    Now, spells showing up ... I assume you're looking at the spell casting button for what they can cast now? In the version of D&D this game simulates, characters have to explicitly memorize spells before they can cast them. Go to the spellbook buttons on the side of the screen - the "Priest Scroll" for a cleric like Viconia, the "Mage Book" for a mage like Edwin. It should look something like this:
    (That's my current BG2EE party, with Viconia at level 15. Lots of memorization slots.)
    Click on a spell's icon to memorize an instance of it, click again to memorize another. Click on the memorized spell icons at the bottom to un-memorize spells. Once you have spells memorized, rest. The spells will be available to cast after you do so.

    The exception to this memorization system? Sorcerers, such as Baeloth. They have a limited nomber of spells known, but can cast them in any combination up to their limit without having to memorize spells in advance.
  • l3thological3thologica Member Posts: 8
    Now I feel like a huge idiot. I had totally skipped over seeing that in the menu. Of course you can’t delete posts on here either.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,644
    I just followed the basic principle of tech support. Always start with the simplest explanation, even if it seems dumb. And hey, maybe someone else will see this and get an answer they needed.
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