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Casting Call: Marge Simpson (Voting pole atatched)

Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
Maybe it's too soon, I dunno, Homer only has 7 votes so far, but here are 6 pictures for Marge Simpson and a fun character make. I chose Krumpin Marge instead of going with Classic this time. I thought a Bard (Jester) was a great chose just for fun. The voice that starts with "Lets Dance" was perfect.


Classic Marge

Bad Ass Marge

Chef Marge (not sexist, I love cookies)

Large Marge (not the one from the Pee Wee Herman movie of course)

Krumpin Marge (Dancin' Homer Who?)

Halloween Marge

Too bad I couldn't find any super hero ones. But Bad Ass Marge could be Mrs. Smith and Halloween Marge could be something. Maybe pretend she is Mystique. Blue hair vs. blue skin?

HAVE FUN!!!! Next up will be Bart Simpson. I know I can find a Bart Man out there.
Best picture of Marge Simpson to use as an IWD character.
  1. Which picture of Marge should I use for my team of 6 Simpson family members?6 votes
    1. Classic Marge
    2. Bad Ass Marge
    3. Chef Marge
    4. Large Marge
    5. Krumpin Marge
    6. Halloween Marge


  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54


    I chose Halloween Marge.
  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 418
    I voted for Chef Marge. She can bake marshmallow squares, and bring your group tang and rice krispie treats.

    If you're not dead set on Jester, you could make her a Monk and use MMA Marge. Unless you're planning on saving Monk for Glamorous Godfrey Grandpa.
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31

    That was just an example character, I did a Barbarian with the Classic Homer pic. Good call on Grampa Simpson. Funny thing, I just streamed that episode a few days ago. Talk about good timing. I wonder if a Monk could make it in this game. Can't wear armor and can only use fists?


    Holy cow that is funny. I forgot they used claymation for that scene. I always remember it as being animated like a cartoon.
  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
    Yup. The old fashioned days before cgi.
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    Badass Marge. I am thinking an Elf Archer. Too bad there aren't any one-handed crossbows. Dual wielding them would be perfect.
  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 418
    I would be inclined to say that the portrait is most suited to an Assassin. Second choice would be Fighter/thief. Then archer, probably 3rd.
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    I thought about the fighter/thief, but there is Bartman. I thought about the Shadow Dancer for him, but fighter/thief might be better in a group? It would be interesting to see a group with an Assassin and a Shadow Dancer. I don't know how that would work.
  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 418
    I didn’t really have a strong opinion on it so I didn’t post in the Bart thread, but Shadowdancer Bartman could be lock and trap guy and Assassin Marge the sneak and backstab guy? Or Stalker Bartman maybe?
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    Okay so I made the group with a shadowdancer and an assassin. The assassin will be the traps/locks character. I would use her with up close fighting and with a crossbow. The shadow dancer can be in front as well, I'll try to backstab as much as I can.
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