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Casting Call: Bart Simpson (Voting Pole attached)

Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
I chanced upon a Deadpool Bart picture and thought, okay I gotta get those Bart Simpson pictures. I might as well crank out all 6 of these and let them sit for a while to pick up votes. In the meantime, I'll play a generic party from start to finish so I can get familiar with the game mechanics since it's an Enhanced Edition vs. Vanilla.

Anyway, attached is my example character, 6 Bart Simpson Pictures, and a voting pole.

Obviously Deadpool has Charisma, but I just settled for those rolls as they are now. Those are the important stats for an Assassin. I would only hope.

Classic Bart

Slingshot Bart (Classic Bart 2.0 - Thinking Halfling Thief with slings)

Cool Bart

Jiggy Bart (Sining or dancing runs in the family)

Bartman (I knew I could find one)

Bartpool (The one I saw was him mooning, didn't think a cartoon butt would make it here)
Best picture of Bart Simpson to use as an IWD character.
  1. Which picture of Bart should I use for my team of 6 Simpson family members?7 votes
    1. Classic Bart
    2. Slingshot Bart
    3. Cool Bart
    4. Jiggy Bart
    5. Bartman
    6. Bartpool


  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 421
    I like slingshot Bart. Its retro. Slings and daggers thief, you can backstab (knife goes in, guts come out) then plink from range. Make sure to read the 10 do's and 500 don'ts of knife safety first, so that you "Don't do what Donnie Don't does".
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    That would be perfect. Halfling Thief. Bonus to slings and a +1 to Dexterity.
  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
    Do the Bartman!


    Dang, I was hoping to find a .gif of him doing The Bartman.

  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    Bartman over Slingshot Bart. Halfling Shadow Dancer or go with the generic Fighter/Thief?
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