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Missing portraits

I recently finished a play through of the entire BG EE series. A friend recently decided to give it a try and opted to run the Black Pits for his first run. I decided that I would run through the Black Pits as well as it is been a long time since I played it.
When I'm setting up my party though, I'm having a problem with the character portraits. I've searched the forum for the same problem but have only found similar issues that deal with custom portraits.
The issue I'm having is with the portraits that come with BG:EE. After I choose my gender, the portrait selection pops up. When I'm cycling through the portraits, there is a block that are blank. It is not always the same block. Sometimes it is a block near the end of the cycle (orcs), sometimes it is in the middle (elves, gnomes, halflings), sometimes it is near the beginning (dwarves). I have no mods installed and am only using the portraits that came with the game. If I close the game and reload it, a different section will be blacked out. Sadly, at this point in the party creation process for the Black Pits, I can't save the characters and reload the game for a different set of portraits. I'm trying for a racially mixed group and would like to have all the portraits available at the same time.
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