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Ogi-Luc's Great Robe (only mages?)

UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
Can't be used by a Barbarian? It says it on the item, yet my Barbarian can't equip it. Bug?



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,614
    In older versions of the game, Barbarian was a class. In the EE, Barbarian is a Fighter kit. Fighters can't use it, which now includes barbarians. The description is just a bit confused.
  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
    I played the original verson many years ago and completely forgot that Barbarian was a solo class. So, yeah, as a kit class to the fighter = no can do on the use. Makes sense. Bummer, though, they missed this one making the EE. But, I think I will still make use of it. Thinking along the lines of an Elf Wild Mage. Still, would have been hilarious to see a Barbarian in a robe pwning monsters.
  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 149
    A little disappointed that multi class can't wear this. Was thinking it was going to good for my Illusionist / Thief
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