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Question about creating new abilities

So I have read a few places that when creating new EFF files, that you should not use BAM icons or give the ability a name or a description. I was just wondering why this is the case? Does it not work properly? Or does it take longer for the game to load or something? Just curious.


  • DonaldDonald Member Posts: 11
    Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I believe any kind of description is going to show up on the dialog.tlk. That particular file is incredibly important and is organized in some crazy order, but it can easily get out of order and ruin your game because all the game text references certain numbers and one number out of order makes the description for Carsomyr what Imoen says or something like that.

    TL;DR: It'll probably screw up your game.
  • Grumnar1982Grumnar1982 Member Posts: 16
    That makes sense. I have just seen some mods who abilities that give descriptions and others that do not. So I was just curious.
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