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Can you be (temporarily) completely impervious to everything?

(This is intended just as a thought experiment, not for an actual build, which would likely be pointless)

Thinking about liches being permanently immune to <6 level spells and certain weapon enchantment levels, I started wondering: what's the most immune you can make your character in unmodded EE? Even if for a short while, is it possible to cover all defensive gaps so thoroughly that any theoretical enemy would have no way to damage you with weapons, with magic, to dispel or remove your defenses... so that their only recourse against you would be "wait it out and hope for the best"? If not, how close can you get?

My starting thoughts: on the magic side there's the obvious, blunt, Scroll of Protection From Magic. It prevents you from casting spells and dispels previous defenses, so no Protection From Magical Weapons or Wraithform (vs. normal weapons)... A workaround to get both of them up would be a Chain Contingency, which does work even within SPFM (I just tested it; Boots of Etherealness don't seem to work though). However, this scroll doesn't protect from items like potions of fire breathing, The Victor...

Any ideas welcome. Alternate paths without cheesy scrolls? How absurdly high can you get the %s of a Dwarven Defender?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,916
    perhaps a human berserker 9/ mage

    first, wear the upgraded version of bladesinger chain +4 to become immune to normal weapons
    then cast protection from magical weapons, or have contingency set to "hit" fire off protection from magical weapons

    so guaranteed for 4 rounds you are immune to any physical attack in the game whether it be weapon or natural attack

    then there are some extra items for permanent immunities;

    amulet of power; immune to level drain and silence

    shield of harmony; immune to charms, confusions, hold

    cloak of mirroring; immune to any spell that deals physical damage

    hinto's doom ( i believe it is called ) makes you immune to death effects

    so to make up for any other spell effect, you can just use your enrage ability, which makes you immune to all the other things those 4 items are missing

    then next the only thing that can damage you is either breath weapons or "natural environment" elemental damage, so just cast on yourself; protection from fire; cold; electricity; acid; magical energy and that should cover that

    then finally you can cast spell immunity abjuration last so this stuff cannot get dispelled

    so for a minimum of 4 rounds, you are completely invulnerable to anything, although with good enough AC ( -26) and AC modifiers ( from full plate mails, belts, protection from evil, improved invisible ect) and the likes of mirror image and stoneskin those might outlast protection from magical weapons so your "invincibility" could last longer
  • glubsittoglubsitto Member Posts: 5
    sarevok57 wrote: »
    then finally you can cast spell immunity abjuration last so this stuff cannot get dispelled
    IIRC that prevents Dispel/Remove Magic but not Breach (which removes PFMW) and things like Pierce Magic. The only "extra layer" against those is Spell Trap, right? I'm often confused about spell protections and their removers even while looking at the table lol, not even sure how they interact with elemental protections.

    On the other hand, I believe you can still get Webbed during berserker rage. But good saves can probably prevent that and even then it's doubtful if it can count as "damage", sure.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,916
    unless you are playing some sort of modded game, i don't know a single enemy that uses breach, and breach only gets rid of combat protections like mage armors, stoneskins, and protection from weapon type spells, plus if i recall breach is abjuration which spell immunity should protect against if set to abjuration

    the only "dispelling spell" that isn't abjuration is ruby ray of reversal, which dispels spell protection type spells like spell turnings, spell deflections and spell traps

    also berserker rage should make you immune to web type spells, if it isn't doing that in your game, then that it a bug ( or perhaps a mod change ) plus the shield of harmony also makes you immune to hold, so even if for some reason enrage wasn't working, the shield should save you
  • glubsittoglubsitto Member Posts: 5
    sarevok57 wrote: »
    unless you are playing some sort of modded game, i don't know a single enemy that uses breach

    Oh, you're right: this is just a thought experiment out of curiosity about hypothetical enemies.

    I'm playing unmodded EE. Recently tested that Berserker Enrage protects against Hold but not Web: they have the same effect but are treated differently by the code. Also tested that Breach ignores Spell Immunity Abjuration (maybe a bug, but it works as described on the google doc linked before) and removes PFMW. Thanks for all the suggestions however, I love putting a microscope over these edge cases and tiny moving parts of game mechanics.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,916
    hmm, interesting, i wonder if the shield of harmony protects against web then, apparently it makes you immune to hold effects and in my opinion web should be a "hold" effect
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,644
    If you want to protect against Breach in the vanilla game, it's Spell Shield that does that. Spell Shield also works against beholders' antimagic rays.

    Ignoring SI: Abjuration ... yeah, that's a thing. It has to do with spell subtypes; Breach (in the standard game) has the "Magic Attack" subtype, which makes it ignore spell defenses such as Spell Deflection, Spell Turning, and Spell Immunity while at the same time making it vulnerable to Spell Shield. Aside from Spell Shield the only defense available against it is full-on immunity to level 5 spells - be a lich/rakshasa or use a scroll of Protection from Magic.
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