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Bug - Aec'Letec's Death Gaze - Impossible to Dispel

I'm encountering a bug where Aec'Letec's Death Gaze is impossible to dispel. I'm playing on PC version

I've tried tried it multiple times using both Yeslick's special ability and by having Baeloth cast Dispel Magic. Both methods don't dispel Death Gaze.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,644
    The spell-based versions of Dispel/Remove Magic have a level check in the Baldur's Gate series. Your chances of successfully dispelling an effect are very low if your caster level is lower than the enemy's caster level. Aec'Letec is level 10, and that's an innate effect so you're up against the full 10 there. Even a maxed-out bard would only dispel it half the time.

    To reliably dispel the effect, hit the victim with an arrow of dispelling. That's guaranteed to hit (because they're paralyzed) and guaranteed to dispel 100% of the time when it hits regardless of levels.
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 44
    Ah okay. Thank you jmerry! I finally beat Aec'Letec by downing a bunch of potions.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,644
    The other issue with that gaze is how hard it is to block it in the first place. Only saving against it (death, -1 modifier) or using a potion of mirrored eyes can protect you. Not even Story Mode will keep you alive - though it will block the paralysis and the "dying" portrait icon so you can't tell you're in trouble.

    Ny tweak mod includes a component that makes Death Ward and Story Mode fully protect against the gaze's effect.
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