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TOB under the forest of Mir temple????


I've just killed Naylee in the temple at the forest of Mir and picked up some of her hair and as I was leaving it started glowing which I put down and opened a stairwell to a maze with poisonous gas, after searching around on internet I couldn't find any info and I've tried sending summons and undead down there as it says the living can't survive yet I'm stuck as to what I'm ment to do here? The only other thought I had was that it was something to do with Hexxat as she is undead??


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,166
    That's an optional side quest from the Golem Construction mod. You can send your golems down there (Hexxat should work too) to complete the quest.
  • HowieTHowieT Member Posts: 4
    Ah I see typical as I've not made any this playthrough lol thanks
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