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The Simpsons made it to Easthaven

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From the Pressboard Estates of Springfield, the Simpsons traveled east through Ogdenville, then further northeast through North Haverbrook, and into the frigid north of Canada -ahem- Icewind Dale.

Following the caravan trail to Bryn Shander, the Simpson family thought they finally made it to their destination of Easthaven. However, a very loud doh, aka 'the doh heard across the Ten Towns,' signified that wasn't the case.

They still needed to travel a bit farther east on none other than... The Eastway. The end of that treacherous road will mark the much sought after town of... Easthaven, home of the three-eyed knucklehead trout of course. wink wink wink.

Start of the Adventure









Now the Simpsons can relax in Easthaven. Seriously, what could go wrong?

Well lets see...

Homer was automatically shunned by the people for his barbarian ways, Pomab treated him the worst.

Grampa, aka Abe, Simpson started yelling at a cloud and accidentally cast a lightning bolt that caused a minor amount of damage, Pomab's suffered most from it. What is it with Pomab and lightning bolts anyway?

Bart Simpson automatically did the Bartman and everyone thought he was a failed Bard. They even called him Bard Simpson or Bardman. He did the unhappy dance and slipped into the shadows.

Lisa Simpson immediately went to the aid of the squirrel that the kids were teasing. After a stern look, all the kids scattered and Lisa had fun playing tag with her new fuzzy friend.

Marge Simpson had to trade in her twin pistols, they froze and no one could fix them, for a more functioning range weapon, the clunky crossbow. She was definitely feeling a little less badass. She also lost the way of the Assassin and became a Bounty Hunter. She was taught the Way of the Bounty by some guy named Dog. Seriously? Dog?

Maggie Simpson met with Old Jed and he gave her a magic bottle that will never break. Where he got it from nobody knows. No one objected to her getting this new trinket, especially since Homer drank all of its contents, which seemed to calm him down a little.

End of the Adventure


Most of the Simpsons died at the end, only Homer survived. But they were resurrected (perfect time too, Easter weekend) and they were able to go back to Springfield.

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  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    Well, the Simpsons got a little restless and heard about a group getting ready for an adventure. Eager to see what else this area had to offer, the Simpsons joined the group. Well, an avalanche fell upon the group and the way back home was blocked off. Before the avalanche, Lisa asked if anyone heard a "ha ha?" Of course, before anyone could answer... falling stow, rocks, and giants... I mean more rocks. There are no such things as giants. What's next? Rats of unusual size?

    Off they went to find help, when another adventure was waiting for them at some giant tree unaffected by snow and ice. How could this be? Lisa figured it out, a druid of course, what else? After figuring out that they could stay at the inn for free, thanks to a crafty Bart and his sticky fingers, the Simpsons accepted another adventure.

    No ha ha causing avalanche this time. Nope. This time it was zounds of skeletons, zombies, shady spirits, and a mummy. Once that was done and over with, crazy priests and their giant friends. After that, crazy lizard people, bugs, and trolls. It didn't stop there. More spirits. Lots. More Spirits. Endless spirits. Weird bony things too. It didn't end there. No, of course not. There were snake people. Yup snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? But there is more. MORE? Indeed. More trolls. More snake people, but this time they were blue and really cold. WHY SNAKES WHY? More giants. Wolves. Oh, did the Simpsons miss Santa's Little Helper. Why didn't they bring him along?

    The adventure continues. Now the Simpsons are in a very hot place. Are they in Heck? Is Ned Ol' Mister Red? Nope, it a place where the dwarves used to call home. More sprits, more skeletons, more zombies, more mummies, more priests, more giants, more snake people. Yup, this time they were playing with fire. LITERALLY! Did I mention the talking suit of armor and a statue that goes pew pew if you get sloe to it? Yup had that too. Oh, and the Simpsons had to find badges. Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges. But they did. That was an adventure within an adventure. Time to go back home. Back to Easthaven! Wait, wasn't it blocked by an avalanche?

    As things come full circle, the Simpsons finally found themselves back in Easthaven. Guess who's back? Back again? Simpsons are back? Why is this place encased in ice? One eyed giants? As if a biclops wasn't bad enough. What the heck do you call a one eyed giant anyway?

    After making Pomab eat Bart's shorts and dealing with one heck of baddy, the Simpsons were ready to go back to Springfield. Oh, that baddy ate Bart's sharts too. Where did he get a second pair? Plenty of time to figure that out in Springfield. Back to the usual life of Homer's dohs, Marge's grunts, Lisa's sax, Bart's wrting on the blackboard, and Maggie having fun with all the loot from Icewind Dale.

    Oh and some old fart is either in a retirement home or outside shaking his fist at a cloud. Funny how there seems to be so many lighting strikes now that the Simpsons are back in town. I wonder why?

    I can tell you why. - Abe Simpson.

    It all started back when I was in icewind Dale, no it was Fragglerock, back in 1942.... when I invented the cherry pop chocolate ice cream cone milkshake....
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    I like your class choice for each character :)
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