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Neera's first sidequest fucks up royally.

NellynielNellyniel Member Posts: 10
First of all, when I first encountered Neera and he teleported that red wizard away, well, he came back after I visited a nearby house and move through the same area again. I promptly proceeded to defeat him thinking to myself "this probably shouldn't have happened, so glitchy." Then I carry on playing my game, unable to rest in any inns or indoor areas, thus only been able to rest in the wilderness.

There comes a point Neera asks me to find this Wild mage called Adoy (Yoda) in a nearby area. I proceed to go there. I encounter some goblins. They take me to a cave. I enter the cave. A goblin approaches me, but before he gets to me Adoy initiates dialogue from miles away somewhere (Screen goes black whenever he says something, flashing arrows point my party being somewhere below.) I finish the conversation, then the same Red Wizard I killed earlier appears in that random location where Adoy is. A fight ensues. I double click on my character to get my screen where my party is.

The goblin who approaced me earlier says something about intruders and starts attacking. I kill it. I go forward, killing some other goblins and their leader, The Hobgoblin. There's a door that is locked, it leads forward, but I have no way of opening it. There's no key anywhere.

Now, I'm thinking I'd like to very much finish this sidequest and enjoy the new NPC's and their sidequest because that's 40% of the reason I bought this "Enhanced Edition". But at least this Neera's quest was bugged to hell.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?


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