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Everytime I start a new game, I get an error where the start starts from Forest of Tethir.

DervinDervin Member Posts: 2
Everyone, I am a Korean, so my English skills are not good enough, so I may not understand inappropriate expressions or my words. Please kindly understand.

After purchasing Baldur's Gate 2 EE from Steam and having fun, I'm enjoying multiplayer play using shadow keeper.

The problem is when you use the Keeper to modify your character, give it a different class' ability, skill, effect, or various other effects
( such as Death: Kill 60HP [209], Spell Effect: Aura Cleansing [188])
After applying the effect and saving the character as a Chr file, load the saved character and start a new game, you will start in Forest of Tethir.
The other base character files will start from Forest of Tethir as well.

I have sometimes experienced this phenomenon when running on Android BG2 EE after modifying the character to shadow keeper, and I am experiencing this phenomenon in the current Steam version as well.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem??


  • masteralephmasteraleph Member Posts: 238
    Shadowkeeper or EEKeeper? ShadowKeeper was designed for the original Baldurs Gate and I'd imagine would cause problems with the EE versions if it worked at all. Are you giving the name out of habit or are you actually running with Shadowkeeper?
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