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Original Edition

prashrangerprashranger Member Posts: 4
Is there any way to play the original, unaltered version of this game? Personally, I completely hate every "enhancement" brought to it and while I can see how others might like them, I'd very much like to play the original game without any of the additions.


  • DudzioDudzio Member Posts: 79
    Yup, you get the original version on while purchasing enhanced edition. There is a guide that could help, because it's not much intuitive:
    The alternative is to buy original disc on eBuy etc.
  • James_MJames_M Member Posts: 131
    From Amazon: Baldur's Gate 2: Ultimate Collection, or The Baldur's Gate Collection (EU). Same price as when I bought it a long time ago!

    *Install Throne of Bhaal patch 26498 (BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_ENGLISH), e.g. from here:

    *Install BG2_fixpack-v9 or newer:

    *Optional but recommended: Install the newest version of The Tweaks Anthology:

    *Optional: Install 1ppv4.1.0-rel: un-rar into BG2 folder then run setup-1pp.exe: file not broken

    *Install JaheiraRomanceAndHarpersPlotPatchV21:
    Copy/paste the three files to the BGII - SoA\override folder (otherwise Terminsel will probably not appear for the 2nd time)

    800x600 on a modern monitor is really nice.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,454
    I had great difficulties running original bg2 full-screen, tinkering with all of my graphic options changed nothing, it always played in the original resolution bordered by blackness. (I love to play 640x480!)
    Dxwnd is a wonderful little program that allowed me to finally play it 640x480 full-screen in its original glory. Aah, good old days of my youth!
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,509
    @lunar out of curiosity, what’s your graphics card? Most modern solutions should allow for different types of upscaling, including pixel perfect integer scaling which I reckon is the one you’ve been after.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,454
    edited May 29
    @AndreaColombo I am not an expert in video cards, I have an old AMD Radeon...umm my laptop actually has an integrated and seperate video card from what I understand. A standart AMD Radeon vega3 graphics (integrated) and a seperate AMD Radeon 535. That's what amd setting screen tells me anyway. And I asked around in google but none of my cards support integer scaling AFAIK.

    Dxwnd solved all of my problems though. With correct options selected, it plays original bg2 just like I want-full screen 640x480 so everything is big and beautiful and not super blurry either. I also disable 3d and brightening so spell effects look solid (not translucent like in bg:ee) for that super old-school feel. Though I guess integer scaling could have been a bit better.
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