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Changes in the ToB soundtrack?

Maxion87Maxion87 Member Posts: 23
In my recent playthrough i noticed a different tune when visiting the pocket plane after the battle with Illasera. It should be "Bhaals Pocket Plane" from the ToB soundtrack. It was similar and had variations of the pocket plane theme but shorter and clearly not the same.

Has anyone else noticed this?

FYI i just checked with the original on GOG, started a new game and it's not the same music.
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  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,477
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    @CamDawg this might be a candidate for the EEFP.

    @Maxion87 you may try opening a ticket through Beamdog's webiste to report it as a bug. If the change is unintentional, the bug will be logged and might get fixed in patch 2.7. Tagging @Galactygon who might be able to confirm if the current behavior is intended.
  • Maxion87Maxion87 Member Posts: 23
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    @CamDawg Thanks for the info. I might just do that.

    It seems to be a bug. I just tested it. The proper theme triggers normally when you load game into the pocket plane, it's just when you're summoned there the first time that the different tune triggers. I lowered all sound settings to zero except music, and i could hear the pocket plane theme begin but then abrubtly ends and the other music comes instead, each time.

    It's quite curious really. The other tune is actually great but different. More mysterious and subtle. It sounds very similar in style like it's from the same composer. Inon Zur and Howard Drossin who composed the music for ToB. I don't know what to make of it. Imo they should keep it but also have the proper pocket plane theme trigger as well directly after the first one ends, transitioning into a more epic feeling.
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,644
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    Area song: mx4500, #72. Cutscene 205a in which you first travel to the pocket plane: plays song Dream1, #68.
    That song is set up with a loop, so I guess it just keeps playing until you do something that tells the game to change music, like starting combat, changing areas, or loading a save.
    Both songs in question also have long blank spaces, like most area music in BG2 (EE).

    Song #68 is played by all of the ToB "I just killed a Bhaalspawn" dreams, and that's it. The SoA campaign mostly just uses the PlaySong() command for romances, but ToB also has this theme for the solar and one for Melissan.

    My verdict? It all looks very deliberate, and working as intended. I don't see anything to fix here.

    Edit: On second thought, maybe the follow-up cutscene should include a command that ends the song. The other solar cutscenes end the song by returning you to where you came from, after all.
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  • Maxion87Maxion87 Member Posts: 23

    thanks for that detailed info. It just seems as the EE has replaced the original song's place. I only remember "Bhaals pocket plane" - (the name the song has on youtube) - during all Solar dialogues and not the other one. My idea would be to use both in a loop, some kind of command so the other starts after the other one ends. Anyways, not really an issue.
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