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SCS + Ascension Mel summon demon count

Hey All,

As I'm replaying the game once again, I think I remember people mentioning that Amelyssan spawning 10+ demons at once during final battle is a bug. Is this true? I think I remember I had a mini-fix for that but I can't recall who made it.

Also, if this is such a well known bug why didn't the authors of Ascension / SCS fix it?


  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 328
    edited May 2022
    Adding a screenshot.

    She is summoning 2x Solar and then 1x Babau (I see 1 healthbar appear) but after summoning finishes like 10+ demons appear.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,332
    Melissan gets a number of "gate" spells depending on difficulty. The demon-summoning gates summon variable numbers of demons - either one of a stronger demon, or up to four of weaker demons.
    Melissan only summons Solars on Insane and up, and at that difficulty she gets five of the strongest type of demon gates.

    The kicker is that the demons themselves (at least, the stronger types) can gate in more demons. There's supposed to be a check in their scripts not to do that if there are enough demons out already, but I don't think that works properly. Especially when a group hasn't finished warping in; I think the creature is at least partially active before it's counted. So Mel summons some demons, those demons instantly summon more, and you get that giant ball of death. Which, in my opinion, is harder than the earlier phase of the fight against the Five.
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