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Make your own canon

Wandering_RangerWandering_Ranger Member Posts: 170
As we all know, the canon party is Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir, and protagonist. In BG2, it is all of the aforementioned group except Dynaheir and Khalid (with Dynaheir probably being replaced by Aerie, and the 6th slot probably being interchangeable for various NPC quests until TOB where Sarevok fills it). But we aren't here to talk about the established canon.

What's YOUR canon?

I you had to RP a party, what's a unique bunch of companions that fit together nicely for the entire saga?

Mine is:

Gnome cleric/thief protagonist (necessary for the classes involved). Chaotic Good. Our Protagonist is a Cleric of Baervan Wildwanderer. As the only gnome in Candlekeep, our Protagonist worships a gnomish deity for connection to his heritage, and has always dreamed of the wilds outside the stifling walls of Candlekeep besides. His thief side was always as a prankster, along with his childhood friend Imoen. Though of course, to survive in the wilds, a necessary skillset of stealth, trap-spotting, and trap-setting is necessary so it dovetails nicely with his deity (cleric) side.

Protagonist in our story rejects Gorion's path. After Gorion's death, Protagonist's trust is shattered, and he is sad and angry. Two near-death attempts in Candlekeep, then an ambush culminating in Gorion's death. Why did this happen? Why had his foster father told him nothing of this? He feels angry and betrayed. He decides that his last act of service to Gorion's memory is indeed to travel to the Friendly Arm Inn as instructed, but to tell Jaheira and Khalid that he has his own path in life and shall find his own way. Clearly, he tells Imoen immediately to go back to Candlekeep as he tells her that everything is too dangerous and the path ahead is his to bear. Imoen is disappointed but understands.

On the way to the FAI, our Protagonist is of course sick with worry and concern, fatigued and disoriented after the crazy recent events. He gets lost and bypasses the inn entirely and goes too far north, running into the Paladin, Ajantis, who is looking for evil to smite. Protagonist tells him of his plight and Ajantis guides him to the FAI where Protagonist proceeds to reject Jaheira and Khalid.

Now what? Well, with all the talk of the Nashkel mines from EVERYONE around, it prompts Ajantis to suggest that they themselves investigate the issues. Protagonist agrees, and they go to Nashkel (after completing a few quests in the Beregost and FAI region where Ajantis teaches Protagonist basic combat skills and such). They recruit a bard named Garrick in Beregost.

In Nashkel, however, before they have a chance to investigate the mines, they run into a hulking figure with a hamster who demands they help him. Ajantis cannot resist the damsel in distress tale involved and agrees to help the man, despite Protagonist being concerned about the man's mental state. Garrick, too, loves the potential for bardic songs involved in such a journey.

They travel to the Gnoll Stronghold and free Minsc's companion, Dynaheir. They then travel the land a while, recruiting a sultry thief called Safana on the way, and they all learn how to work together before tackling the mines. Safana is constantly mean to Garrick who has a crush on her. Despairing, he leaves the group just before the group is about to enter Cloakwood. He feels he has done his part and the dangers of adventure are not really for him anyway. Brave, brave Sir Garrick is bid goodbye by the group.

In Cloakwood forest, our group runs into Coran, a womanising debonair on a hunt. They complete his quest, and during that time, he and Safana have fallen for each other. They both decide to ditch the group and run off into the sunset together, finding each other much more interesting than Protagonist's quest.

Continuing their journey in Cloakwood, the group keep running into Druids hell-bent on destroying the unnatural Iron Throne mine complex. Protagonist likes their style, since they align with his love of the wilds, and decides to accept one of their number, a druid named Faldorn, into the group. Minsc, a ranger, supports this, though Dynaheir and Ajantis have their reservations. Regardless, the group works well together and they decide to stick together. They solve the mines. On their way to Baldur's Gate, they run into the first gnome who actually offers to join them - a quirky fellow by the name of Quayle. Protagonist, a felllow gnome, likes him, but no one else does, especially Dynaheir. Quayle is obnoxious and worships Baravar Cloakshadow. Through our Protagonist, and through their long journey, Quayle converts to Baervan Wildwanderer and MATURES. (He will later pass these teachings onto his ward, Aerie, in BG2.)

The group stays together until the end.

END OF BG1 PARTY: Protagonist, Ajantis, Minsc, Dynaheir, Faldorn, Quayle (travelled with Garrick, Safana and Coran)


Protagonist escapes the dungeon with his old friend Minsc (either rejecting Imoen/Jaheira or leading them out of the dungeon before dumping them). They then hear of the local circus being weird, so they investigate. There, they run into Protagonist's other old friend, Quayle. He no longer wishes to travel, but thinks his ward, Aerie, should leave with his old gnomish pal, the Protagonist, to find her own feet. Aerie is happy to do so, especially since she has heard so many good things about Protagonist and already trusts him from Quayle's stories. (Minsc will later ask Aerie to be his witch, and Aerie will be Protagonist's romance, so this all ties in wonderfully with our story as all threads are coherent and linked.)

They then get approached by Bayle, who tells them they need to cough up 20k to rescue Imoen and get their vengeance on Irenicus. The Temples are offering some money for their task, as are the nefarious shadow thieves. At the Copper Coronet, they also learn of the Windspear Hills. Our Protagonist is wary of the murky thieves, so he chooses the temple route. On that questline, they encounter Keldorn - a name very familiar to our Protagonist since Keldorn's squire, Ajantis, had oft spoke of him in BG1! They recruit the veteran and sort out the temple questline. They also run into another old friend, Garrick, who is unsuccessfully trying to woo yet another woman in the Temple district. He has no desire to travel with the group as his adventuring days are long behind him. Minsc then gets approached by a small boy who sends them to Umar Hills. They first run into the ranger, Valygar, who Minsc accepts with open arms into the group. Then, they proceed to the Shadow Temple, where they rescue a brave young halfling by the name of Mazzy, who joins them. (Mazzy eventually recruits Valygar as her squire, so there is some nice interaction and coherency here!)

They go to the Windspear Hills next and sort out that questline, where they learn that they had killed their old friend, Ajantis. Keldorn grieves. Once that questline is done, they return to Athkatla, where they run into a messenger for Aerie, who tells her that Quayle has a quest for her. But before they do that, Keldorn beseeches the Protagonist to go visit his family, as he has not seen them for a time. They do so, and Keldorn finds the unfortunate news. Being an aged man, having sorted the Temple Questline, his squire Ajantis dead, and his family in tatters, Protagonist releases the old knight from his service. Keldorn says they have no need of two knights in a group regardless, since Mazzy has more than filled that role from what he has seen of her courage and valour during their travels. Mazzy is happy for the compliment from the knight and says she will see Protagonist's quest through in his stead. They bid the old man goodbye.

Then they do Aerie's quest and recruit Haer'Dalis. Aerie and Protagonist have been getting close, but Haer'Dalis also tries to woo her. They do quests around Athkatla to keep gathering money. Eventually Haer'Dalis challenges Protagonist to a duel, and Protagonist declines. Aerie isn't impressed with Haer'Dalis and so he leaves the group forever.

After all this craziness in the city, they hear of a small town called Trademeet in trouble. They go investigate and recruit Cernd. During this questline, they run into Protagonist's old friend, Faldorn, who has taken over the grove. Cernd kills her in combat, and Protagonist mourns her death, but they find Cernd to be a fitting companion and allow him to join the group. This group remains together until the end.

In Tethyr forest, they run into their old friends, Safana and Coran. Safana has betrayed Coran and is killed by the werewolf, but the group manage to save Coran, who no longer wishes to travel with them as he is heartbroken.

They finish the journey together, Protagonist and Aerie have a child and are married, Minsc becomes a legend, Valygar retires from adventure, Cernd dies, and Mazzy continues being a hero.

That's it!

Final BG2 group: Protagonist, Minsc, Aerie, Mazzy, Valygar, Cernd (travelled with Keldorn and Haer'Dalis for a time).

So, the links:

BG1 to BG2:
Minsc > Minsc (Minsc forms a bond with Aerie) - immediate link (Minsc also welcome Valygar)
Quayle > Aerie (Aerie is romance) - immediate link
Faldorn > Cernd - immediate link
Ajantis > Keldorn (immedaite link) > Mazzy > Valygar (secondary links, but both pair up)

We also see appearances in both games from Garrick, Safana, Coran in our tale. Haer'Dalis adds an interesting part to the story in the form of a love triangle before departing, making for good storytelling.

With these party members, I have woven a tale that is coherent, has LOTS of interparty links, connections, carry-over from BG1 to BG2, and a slew of great interactions. Basically everything in the BG2 portion is linked to BG1 in some way (usually a first-degree of separation only) without going the "conventional route." This is thus my own story.

(As a bonus, both in BG1 and BG2, the party is well-balanced and able to tackle everything WITHOUT being overpowered, thus still providing a good, fun challenge.)

The above party in BG1 and BG2 just makes sense from an RP and storytelling perspective, and is my "non canon, canon" party.

What's yours?


  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 168
    Hey man! I really like this idea and enjoyed reading that. All my BG saga playthroughs these days I do very roleplay-heavy, and jot down notes about my story. I try to make all the decisions very logic and character-consistent, thereby generating a new "canon" story every time I play. I also metagame and reload as little as possible, so sometimes things I can't control happen (like an NPC perma death)...but then that just becomes the new story.

    I actually post these playthroughs in a lot of detail on the Challenges & Playthroughs board, but I also keep a recap. For example, here is a playthrough I completed with a Neutral Good Wizard Slayer>Thief:

    Baldur's Gate 1 Recap
    • After Gorion’s death, Imoen and I traveled directly to the Friendly Arm Inn to join up with Gorion’s compatriots, Khalid and Jaheira. I was relieved to meet them and the four of us decided to travel down to Nashkel.
    • While passing through Beregost, we joined with Kagain–who might have more knowledge of the bandit problems in his line of work.
    • We encountered Garrick, but ultimately chose to add Neera to our group instead–she seemed like a goodhearted magic user, although there was some nervousness and distrust there.
    • Met Rasaad, Minsc, and Edwin in Nashkel, but our adventuring group was large enough for the time being. Got a little nervous about this talk of a powerful witch out to the west.
    • Following the invasion of the Nashkel mines and the reveal of Mulahey, Tranzig, and the bandit camp location…we thought it best to lay low, since our names were becoming well-known amongst bounty hunters and mercenaries. Headed out west to the Gnoll Stronghold to investigate this witch.
    • On the way, we met Safana. Kagain had been growing distant from the rest of the group, so we split ways and added Safana as a second thief. The plan was to assist on her treasure hunt following our journey to the Gnoll Stronghold.
    • Eventually we rescued Dynaheir from the Gnolls; our group was already too large to add her. Safana died in the fighting, and then left the group shortly after we resurrected her back in civilization; we weren’t getting to her treasure hunt fast enough. Since we were near Beregost, I asked Garrick to join us again. We eventually DID find Safana’s treasure, but she was nowhere to be found at that point.
    • Due to my magic aversion, I reacted with fright and disgust after finding Melicamp out in the wilderness, and slaughtered the chicken. I realized this was the wrong move, and my Sword Coast reputation took a hit for killing an innocent apprentice, however polymorphed he was.
    • Encountered Drizzt Do’Urden. He gave me sage advice which was not to rush too headstrong into all the Sword Coast machinations swirling around me, and really gather information first. I took his advice and instead of heading straightaway to the bandit camp, I would approach cautiously and try to learn as much as I could in the surrounding areas first.
    • Neera’s wild magic had been making me increasingly nervous. At one point, a Nabassu was summoned. We tracked down Adoy in an attempt to help her control her magic, but chaos erupted when more red wizards ambushed us. Neera was killed in the fight and Adoy disappeared after saying he would not be able to help her. I made the very hard, and probably wrong decision that Neera was too much of a threat to everyone, and that I would not resurrect her.
    • I eventually discovered the Iron Throne headquarters in Cloakwood. On the way there, I met Dorn, Coran, Eldoth, Faldorn, and Yeslick. Faldorn was the only one I asked to join us, in the spirit of teamwork with the local druids. We eventually found and defeated Davaeorn, rescued the slaves, and flooded the mines.
    • Knowing my travels would lead me to Baldur’s Gate, I asked Coran to join us, and Khalid and Jaheira to stay outside of the city. I was nervous about my lack of urban knowledge, and figured Coran could be a better guide than Gorion’s friends–who were like family to me at that point (I would eventually regret this move).
    • I entered Baldur’s Gate for the first time. I agreed to eventually help Commander Scar with his issues, but wanted to get to know the city and locals first before storming around.
    • After about two weeks in the city, I made a trip back down the Coast Way to Nashkel with my self-bought Stone to Flesh scroll in order to unfreeze Branwen, a longtime goal of mine. Faldorn had been growing very irritable and distant, and I realized Branwen would make a better companion for us–so she replaced Faldorn. Around this time, I also met the crazed Commander Brage, and unfortunately the encounter ended with his death.
    • When I traveled back up north to Baldur’s Gate, i meet with the Thieves’ Guild. Wanting to get in good with them, I agree to rob the daughters of Oberan. I get caught by Flaming Fist during the attempt, but using Wands of Fear on them I was able to escape the battle and use stealth and magic to steal the items of interest. After this, though, decided it was best to leave the city again to less things cool off.
    • We headed to Durlag’s Tower for some dungeon-raiding while avoiding Baldur’s Gate. We only explored the top, tower levels before heading back to the city after about a week.
    • Back in Baldur’s Gate, I finally got to work for Scar. I exposed the treachery at the trading guilds, and was able to regain access to Candlekeep with Duke Eltan’s help.
    • I did in fact kill the Iron Throne leaders in a scuffle at Candlkeep, and was soon arrested for the murder; luckily, we were able to make our harrowing escape through the catacombs and headed directly down to Nashkel.
    • Needing to lay low again at this point, I decided to return to the relative isolation of Durlag’s Tower dungeon raiding. But before facing the evils of that place, and my ultimate enemy Sarevok in Baldur’s Gate, I knew I’d rather have old friends that I could trust at my side, instead of the somewhat shady Coran. Khalid and Jaheira had been staying on the outskirts of the Cloakwood, so I made the journey back there to re-recruit them and say goodbye to Coran.

    Baldur's Gate 1: Tales of the Sword Coast Recap
    • With my group of Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Garrick, and Branwen, we fought through the lower levels of Durlag’s Tower and eventually destroyed the Demon Knight.
    • We then traveled back to Ulgoth’s Beard, defeating the cult and killing the tanar’ri.
    • I made my return to Baldur’s Gate; I was still wanted by the Flaming Fist, but was able to expose Sarevok’s evil plans and prove my innocence. All that was left was to find Sarevok so he could not continue to torment and try to kill me…
    • Khalid died fighting the Undercity, but the rest of us five pushed on to confront Sarevok without him. We were victorious in the battle that followed.

    Siege of Dragonspear Recap
    • Living at the Ducal Palace. I’m slightly disapproving that Imoen decided to study magic, but I wish her luck.
    • After realizing the threat posed by possible Bhaalspawn Caelar Argent to Baldur’s Gate, I agree to lead a scouting party marching north with a Flaming Fist contingent to help deal with her crusader army.
    • I’m reunited with Safana, who I ask to join me again as I know I’ll likely need a thief. I’m put off by Minsc and Dynaheir. I have relatively pleasant interactions with them a few months ago, but the truth is I don’t much trust the foreigners. I’m disappointed neither Coran nor Garrick have any interest in joining me.
    • I see Viconia, a Drow I had allowed to be killed by Flaming Fist a few months earlier. It does not seem she recognizes me…but out of guilt, I invite her to join our small party. I almost immediately regret it, as I suffer a reputation loss and have to deal with Viconia’s abrasiveness in itself.
    • Once we get to Coastway Crossing, I also invite Corwin to join the group. We had had drinks a few nights ago when I had agreed to lead the party. Worrying about the possible dangers to the Flaming Fist, the four of us clear the monsters from the Undead Sanctuary and the nearby forest.
    • Upon reaching the Troll Claw Woods, I began to develop my skills and abilites as a thief–to become a “dual class” adventurer. Learning to dislike Viconia and Safana, I asked them to leave my party. Instead, Corwin and I joined our forces with Glint, Minsc, and Dynaheir, a trio of characters I had come to trust and maybe even like.
    • I stumbled upon the dead bodies of Jaheira and a companion (Voghlin). Jaheira was as close as family, so it is very tragic I’m not able to resurrect her. It was clear she was kiled by trolls, but I’m also very confused and anxious about what she was doing here.
    • At the Bridgefort siege camp, I inadvertently able to establish ourselves as potential recruits. Our only lead is the Forest of Wyrms, where apparently a commander’s son went missing looking for a wardstone that would get them into the forst. It’s my only lead, so we travel east…
    • The old Temple of Bhaal is foreboding, and I begin to get the sinking feeling my Bhaalspawn blood is going to become very important in what Caelar’s schemes. But we eventually rescue the Crusader’s son and retrieve the wardstone from the Cult of Cyric.
    • I get into Bridgefort and reunite with Khalid. Jaheira’s tragic death goes unspoken. I also realize Neera is there, somehow resurrected after I decided not to back south. I feel very guilty about this and evemtually end up gathering all of her ingredients as a way to make it up to her. I do not actually want her in the group.
    • The energy-draining meteor forces me back into sneaking around the Crusader camp. Being anxious about the magical energy drain that I was under, I retrieve the scroll a bit more aggressively than usual. This alerts the entire camp to my true identity.
    • I ran back to cure the energy drain, but as soon as that’s done, the Flaming Fist begin to attack the siege camp. I’m not sure if this is response to the camp going into alert mode–but I port back out to help in the battle. The siege camp is eventually overrun with our allies and we take control of Boareskyr Bridge.
    • Khalid is welcomed into the party as the sixth member. Corwin and I have also begun a courtship among our circumstances.
    • After the long march to the Coalition Camp outside Dragonspear, my first order of business to go to nearby Bloodbark Grove and try to find a cure for the disease gripping the camp. I’m also upset that leadership doesn’t want me here due to what happend on Boareskyr Bridge, but it’s good I have some way to help from outside.
    • After curing the camp’s disease, it takes a couple days to find and infiltrate the underground river passage into Dragonspear. I place a strategic explosive barrel, but do not poison anything. We’re able to escape after some major skirmishes.
    • Shortly after our party’s incursion, Caelar decides to use her forces to attack the Siege Camp from Dragonspear–to use my tainted blood, as I feared! Fortunately I’m able to synergize all of my past wizard slayer skills with my newfound thief skills prior to the large battle defending the camp.
    • We storm Dragonspear and end the Crusade, then follow Caelar and Hephernaan through their portal into Avernus. Minsc is killed while battling in Hell, but the rest of us press on. Upon confronting Belhifet, we’re able to convince Caelar to turn away from him. With her help, we are able to defeat the devil and his wizard servant.
    • Corwin and I consummated our romance that following night, in celebration. Therefore, it was bitterly painful when I was framed for Skie’s murder, and had to go on the run again from the Flaming Fist. I was very hurt and lost by Corwin not taking my side…but was thankful for Imoen, Khalid, Minsc and Dyanheir for helping me escape yet again.

    Shadows of Amn Recap
    • Only Minsc, Jaheira (somehow resurrected), and I escaped Irenicus’s dungeon alive and free. My first thought is to find and free Imoen as fast as I can. I knew she shouldn’t have taken up magic!
    • Gaelan Bayle may be an option, but I’m extremely distrustful of anyone at this point.
    • Eventually wandered to the Copper Coronet. Didn’t get along with Nalia or Anomen, and didn’t have the time for Korgan. I didn’t trust Yoshimo when I saw him in the dungeon, but realize now he’s quite affable and knowledgeable about Athkatla, so I ask him to join me. I also feel very badly for Hexxat, so I also ask her to join me hoping there is some quick way I can help the clearly-struggling girl.
    • I decide to approach the Shadow Thieves for information and work. Renal directs me to Mae’Var’s Guildhall, but I don’t report just yet, wanting to learn and observe more before I rush too fast into anything.
    • At some point I realize I don’t have the time to help Hexxat, and I part ways with her.
    • I save Viconia from the mob, but don’t want her in the group. I also help out Jan, but don’t want him either.
    • Tolgerias of the Cowled Wizards is absoluly no help and I become frustrated and angry talking to him…looks like Gaelan Bayle’s fee might be the only option.
    • In my first week in Athkatla, I have helped smoke out the Bridge District murderer, resolved the magical distrubance at the cirus, and cautiously started performing work for evil Mae’Var. Eventually the latter involves me killing a Cowled Wizard for Edwin the Conjurer. I am not prepared for that, potentially needing the Cowled Wizard on my side to get to Imoen. I get into a fight with Edwin, so I’m likely frozen out of doing any more work for the Shadow Thieves–I decide to try to steer clear of the Docks as much as possible.
    • While hunting down the man burying people alive, I decide to try to eventually help Hexxat again, but the whole plan goes awry when I realize the real Hexxat is a vampire, and both of them end up dead.
    • I enter the sewers to track down both Haer’Dalis and the Unseeing Eye Cult. I rescue Haer’Dalis from Mekrath and then the extraplanar bounty hunters later on. He offers to provide his skills to my party, and I accept!
    • Returning to the sewers for the Cult, I join forces with the noble and respectable Keldorn as well. The six of us then include myself, Keldorn, Jaheira, Minsc, Yoshimo, and Haer’Dalis. I eventually take out the Cult, and the Church pays me enough that I can afford Gaelan’s information.
    • Paying Gaelan, it looks like I’ll eventually have to take out an entire Vampire Hive buried beneath the city. I scoff at that, but my anxiety around it grows. I decide I must be stronger and better prepared. I hadn’t left the city since escaping from Irenicus, and I promised some dryads that I would return their acorns to Windspear Hills…so I go east to see wider Amn.
    • On my way, I stop by Trademeet. I initially turn down requests to help the town, but decide it’s the right thing to do. After a couple days, my adventuring party was able to solve most of the town’s issue, become local heroes and truly gaining a legendary status, at least in that town.
    • Minsc had been urging me as well to travel to the Umar Hills, after hearing of trouble there, so I decided now was the best time.
    • I meet Valygar in the Umar Hills and listened to his troubles. I decided to not get involved, and he said he’d be returning to Athkatla.
    • Looking to resolve the troubles for Imnesvale, we headed to the Shadow Temple, snuck by the Shadow Dragon, and destroyed the Shade Lord. I rescued Mazzy the Fighter and ask her to join us, liking her very much.
    • In the Windspear Hills, I had to deal with Firkraag’s schemes against me. I left once my troubles were resolved and it seemed Garren was in peace.
    • Back in Athkatla, I finally destroyed the vampire hive and booked my ship to Spellhold. I cut Minsc loose before setting sail, knowing I’d need room for Imoen on the way back.
    • Although Irenicus steals my soul in Spellhold, I get Imoen back and am able to defeat him and Bodhi in battle. I try to chase after him, but do not trust the magical portal. Instead, we scheme with Saemon Havarian in my attempts to get back to the mainland as soon as possible.
    • Shipwrecked on the voyage back, I agree to help the Sahaugin King and kill the rebel leader, in order to get help getting out here.
    • In the Underdark, my goal is to escape the place as soon as possible. I spend days fighting mind flayers, beholders, drow and other monsters in the eastern, southern, and western tunnel…but cannot find a way out of here. Eventually I meet Adalon the Silver Dragon.
    • Under Adalon’s illusion magic, we spend several days infiltrating Ust Natha. And right as I finally get access to the dragon eggs…my identity is made known by the egg guards, and we have to fight our way out of the Drow city. Forutnately we survive and surface soon after, meeting the elves of Suldanessallar.
    • Knowing I must retrieve the Rhynn Lanthorn to retrieve mine and Imoen’s souls, I return to Athkatla for several days (after making a stop in Trademeet for Mazzy’s family). I part ways with the tiefling bard, wanting a tighter and more-focused group with shared mentalities among us. I’m able to secure help against Bodhi from the Shadow Thieves, Drizzt’s group who I had the fortune of running into, and Order of the Radiant Heart. Great that I have made so many connections.
    • During these several days, I also find Valygar and resolve the troubles within the planar sphere as a general anti-magic service for the community.
    • With my final group of Keldorn, Mazzy, Jaheira, and Imoen, we killed Bodhi in Athkatla, retrieved the Lanthorn, saved Suldanessallar, and defeated Irenicus in Hell. I chose the good route for every Trial of Hell.

    Thone of Bhaal Recap
    • After escaping from the Pocket Plane of my own design, my subconscious soul leads me to the besieged town of Saradush. While I just want a simple family life back up on the Sword Coast, I begrudgingly accept my fate that my Bhaalspawn blood will continue to lead me into conflict; all I can try to do is the right thing.
    • I parted ways with Mazzy, leaving her with the militia in Saradush. She is my friend, but I’ll only risk my friends that I absolutely need. My 4-person group includes Keldorn, Jaheira, Imoen, and myself.
    • After killing Gromnir, I come to realize I have a responsbility to these fellow Bhaalspawn. I track down the artifacts I need to defeat Yaga-Shura, although I am unable to save the town. It looks like Mazzy may have been killed in the siege.
    • Following this, I try to make my way north, stopping at the fortress of Watcher’s Keep first. After several day of fighting and conquering the dungeon–eventually communicating with Demogorgon–I am eventually asked by an arbiter of Helm to read a scroll and seal in both Demogorgon and the Knights of the Vigil. I do this, taking the danger out of this place.
    • Before headed farther north, I think of all the trouble still to the south, and how Mazzy was killed by one of these “Five”--who many eventually come to kill me anyway. I decide to turn us back south to Amkethran as Melissan asked to investigate the troubles of these Bhaalspawn-ravaged lands.
    • From Amkethran, I get into major conflicts with Senda, Abazigal, and Balthazar, but emerge victorious from all of them. Shockingly, Imoen was permamently obliterated during the Balthazar fight. I summon in Haer’Dalis in the Pocket Plane as an arcane magic user; but he is nowhere as experienced as Imoen was.
    • With this group of Keldorn, Jaheira, and Haer’Dalis, we defeat the Ravager and Melissan herself. I’m able to accept the Throne of Bhaal…but I reject it. I’ve always just wanted to live a normal life with friends and family, and a fate as the eternal God of Murder is not something I want. Gorion, Khalid, Dynaheir, Mazzy, Imoen…all permanently killed during my journey, and I’ve just had enough of all the death.

    I also have a completed Avenger run (he was obsessed with balance in all conflicts, and eventually became Neutral Evil and murderous):

    And a few others in progress on that board too: Chaotic Evil Berserker, Kensai>Cleric, Cleric/Mage, Fighter/Mage...if you're interested!

    Thank you for sharing

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