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Mage/Thief player character only mage?

How feasible do you think it would be for a mediocre player to play through Siege of Dragonspear with a mage/thief multiclass as my only mage?

Like I have a basic grasp of the gameplay mechanics and such, but I'm not stunting on anybody here.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,964
    im pretty sure people have solo'd this game so i wouldnt see this as a problem

    especially if you still plan on having a party of 6 you should be good

    even if you had a full fledged mage you would still only get level 5 spells, and being a mage/thief you are basically "losing" 1 level of mage for 11 levels of thief, so the trade off is pretty good in my opinion

    in SoD, multi class characters are still very, very strong like they are in BG 1, its not until you hit pass the 500 000 xp mark in BG 2 when they really start to slow down in level ups
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 912
    I agree with @sarevok57 and see no problem at all. With all of the wands available, I think one person with mage spells is more than sufficient for all of BG/SoD, be it full class or multi. Even a bard would be enough.

    Besides wands (and breaking wizard protections if you use SCS), I find clerics much more useful in BG/SoD with all of the skeleton warriors and on the fly healing and combat support spells (and also supplementary close combat support with a stout hammer!).
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