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Spell Memorization

bergie1393bergie1393 Member Posts: 1
Hi all,
I am playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition on my Android S10e -
Dynahier is level 3, but I don't have the option with scrolls to memorize and I have two empty slots for level 2 spells. No way to add, memorize or otherwise.
Any thoughts?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,659
    There are two steps to getting a spell memorized.

    First, you learn a spell. Find a scroll, right-click it in inventory (or the equivalent on other platforms) and learn the spell.
    Second, go to your spellbook and memorize the spell. This is what actually fills those slots.

    Now, the difficulty I think you might be running into - have you found any scrolls for level 2 spells? Sure, you might have Magic Missile and Color Spray and Chromatic Orb and Protection from Evil ... but those are all level 1 spells. In this edition of the game, you can only memorize spells if the spell's level exactly matches the slot's level. And while mages/bards learn spells of all the levels they can cast at character creation, they don't automatically learn new spells when they level up.

    If you need some level 2 spell scrolls, check out High Hedge west of Beregost. The mage Thalantyr there sells a good selection of level 1 and level 2 spell scrolls, along with a few level 3 spell scrolls. You'll find more level 3 spells as the plot progresses, along with occasionally finding them in the wilderness.
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