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Sunset over Ocem - RP PW

DembelDembel Member Posts: 8
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Sunset over Ocem is a persistent world set in a custom setting themed around an ancient, world-spanning empire struggling against an era of decline – beset by threats both foreign and internal, as well as the resurgence of magic considered sinful by the dominant religion of the region. For most part, the setting is based around the Kahnwold, a resource-rich northern border province far from the imperial seat of Great Ocem.

The server currently has a level cap of 10.

Prestige classes can be earned in-game & via DM approval

You can read about the lore, mechanical changes and access an IC forum here:

Our discord:

Right now we generally have between 10 - 15 players online based mostly in the EU, though sometimes people play during later hours and DM activity should be very consistent. If this sounds fun to you, you can join in by connecting at:

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  • MegnaroshMegnarosh Member Posts: 1
    We had a most epic event of a trial yesterday where everyone was involved in some way. It was really fun and interactive rp.
  • DembelDembel Member Posts: 8
    Some updates to the OP -- level cap has been raised to 10 and the world has been expanded to reflect that. Some cosmetic haks will also be introduced very shortly. DM'd stuff is happening daily and there's plenty of static content to explore too

    Screenshot of tonight's tournament at Roeswerp:

  • boxerboxer Member Posts: 1
    S+ server. It's still early in development, but it's got a lot of soul. It being in its beginning stages means you have a true chance to impact the world and be a big player into shaping its future. Can you get that in any other server? I don't think so.

    Join the server, it's a lot of fun.
  • DembelDembel Member Posts: 8
    Some screenshots of yesterday's event:




    We now have a discord:
  • AshtonClorterAshtonClorter Member Posts: 1

    The server is really cool and awesome, having a lot of fun RPing as the [Evil] that threatens the Empire. Since it's focused around RP, you may very well have a good impact on the world, be it environmental through events or if your in-character actions are impactful enough. Taking away the in-character aspect, however, the game in itself is very fun with a -lot- of areas to explore, and many more to come!
  • NjalmerNjalmer Member Posts: 1
    I am delighted by the sheer quality of awesome RP to be had on this server, as someone who has never really RPed in Neverwinter Nights PWs up until this point it has been a very positive experience. Ocem feels like a richly lived place, and the movers and shakers behind the scene makes it very political at times, which forms a strong backdrop to RP off of. The DMs also encourage and facilitate large events and allow you to make a big impact on the world in various ways.

    Such as working to rediscover the lost art of Golemcraft!

  • SheepPawSheepPaw Member Posts: 1
    Plenty of events to be a part of on this server, like this one today
  • DembelDembel Member Posts: 8
    edited November 2022
    OP updated.

    Some screenshots of recent RP:




    A lot of early content has been redone and a pair of high level zones have been added recently. Big plots on the go -- political turmoil, orcish legions and religious schisms.

    Jump in now at:

  • KrobberKrobber Member Posts: 2
    I've absolutely loved my time spent in Ocem. From starting out as a grubby poor-as-dirt dwarf to working my way up to a skull-knocking respected brawler, it's been full of exploration, friendships, and lots of tasteful drama. The lore and setting allows for a wide mixture of loyalties and faction ties, which all feed in to the ever growing cauldron of conflict that feeds the overall narrative. If you want to give a new PW a try, I can definitely suggest the server to you.
  • SuperbusSuperbus Member Posts: 1
    As a man who loves military roleplay and seeks it out in just about all RPGs (yeah im a simple man) this server has some really cool lore and RP revolving around it.

    Starting out as part of the Auxiliary, as this low level weakling who had to grind his way to the top with the help of friends (i wont forget that) and to actually have cool large scale fights like an army would, is something that you wont find everywhere. The roman theme and aesthetic is also something i really like.
  • jubis_loviujubis_loviu Member Posts: 1
    Having a blast RP'ing on this server, the cool aesthetic and how helpful and welcoming other roleplayers are is very nice.

    The mercenaries depart with a sigh,
    Leaving behind the ruins of Castle Amthar, high,
    Their mission complete, their job well done,
    The Traitorous Satrap, for now he is gone.

    With swords in sheaths and armor clinking,
    They cross the swamps, with their boots sinking,
    For the memory of the battle still lingers,
    A fight against the Traitorous Satrap's fingers.

    But they march on, their heads held high,
    Leaving behind the swamp fort with a sigh,
    For they know they've done their part,
    To protect the lands, and the people's heart.

    And so, the warriors march away,
    Their mission complete, and with no delay,
    Their names forever etched in history,
    As the ones who fought for Amthar's glory.

  • KrobberKrobber Member Posts: 2
    Sharing a few screenshots from some RP and events over the past several months!

    Still can't recommend this server enough if what you're looking for is:

    - An easy to grasp fantasy world with differing factions and well-presented lore (that isn't copy-pasted D&D.)
    - Immersive and engaging RP and events.
    - To develop a character from scratch through RP with other players, quests, and DM interaction in a nuanced setting.

    Even if you just enjoy the NWN gameplay and want to RP and check out a fleshed-out server, I think you'd have a blast. The quests and zone design are very cozy, and there are a plethora of characters and groups for any sort of alignment you fancy. As an example, from my previous post, Doff has gone from being a shady criminal enforcer to a respected Dwarf Defender, with no small amount of backhanded deal-making and double-crossing having taken place to secure the position.


    Check out the server and join the discord. It'd be great to get involved with other new character's stories!

  • KantoKanto Member Posts: 1
    Had a blast in this server and I plan to stay.

    These guys really care about delivering fun and quality:

  • DembelDembel Member Posts: 8




    Some screenshots from a Church-led attack on the deep, fey-infested woods

    Join us by connecting @

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