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Bug report: Pathfinding does not work when clicking through walls if the area is far away.

VictorixxxVictorixxx Member Posts: 20
Pathfinding does not work when clicking through walls if the area is far away. Beamdog has often been told that it took 2 years to improve the pathfinding code. However, today in game version 1.86.8193.34.1, we have the following, that being behind any nonwalk or obscuring obstacle, the character stops looking for a path when the player tries to click into the neighboring area, if it is far away. However, if there is an object lying there and the player clicks on it, then pathfinding works fine.

In the screenshot, the blue arrow shows the place where the player clicks and nothing happens, the pathfinding does not work. The red arrow shows the item, if you click on it, the pathfinding will work and lead the player directly to the item, wherever he is far away. The map shows the route.

Developers please pay attention to this problem of the main game!


  • VictorixxxVictorixxx Member Posts: 20
    More examples of where a character cannot pass through obstacles on tilesets. The arrows indicate the places of clicks.
  • MelkiorMelkior Member Posts: 152
    This has been a known problem since 1.69 at the latest and I don't see it being fixed any time soon. For the moment though, you can assume that any time there are more than two changes of direction required by your character in order to reach a spot, the pathfinding will fail. It may be that path-finding to an item allows for three direction changes, but I'm not sure.
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