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Question about party conflicts

WatchForWolvesWatchForWolves Member Posts: 183
Long story short I want Korgan and Aerie in the same party. I know they conflict with one another and I'm looking for a ways to cheese my way out of it.

What happens when Aerie gives you the ultimatum then you kick one of them out of the party and recruit them again?

Similarly, let's say I keep Korgan and Aerie leaves. What stops me from just immediately recruit her again?

Does she recognize Korgan is in the party? Well what if I kick out Korgan, recruit Aerie then recruit Korgan again?

Or, what if either of them happens to be dead? Are they still recognized as "in the party"?

You get the idea.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,743
    This one's slightly bugged.

    First, once Korgan's ultimatum to Aerie is set, releasing one of them will only delay the matter. The timer will run down whether they're both available or not, and as soon as they're both present to talk Korgan will cause Aerie to leave.

    The bugged part is what happens to Aerie when she leaves. She goes to the circus tent, and should be possible to recruit again, but she goes to an inaccessible spot far outside the walkable area. You can't reach her to talk to her, and so she's gone forever.

    My tweak mod includes a component (NPCs don't go in inaccessible locations) that fixes this, and sends her to her normal spot in the tent instead.
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