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The Planar Prison has an infuriating number of bugs.

OrrionOrrion Member Posts: 4
  1. Destroying the orb sometimes results in only a handful of enemies becoming neutral/non-hostile.
  2. Having numerous characters stand on the same spot to get 'swallowed' results in one getting swallowed until you issue another movement command, even if it's at and to the exact same coordinates.
  3. Umber Hulks sometimes kill the Warden when the orb is destroyed, other times remaining allied.
  4. Allies petrified here will disappear if you load a save. The fact this wasn't caught when the Warden uses Flesh to Stone is astounding.
  5. Haer and co. will sometimes be missing, solved only by reloading the auto-save outside of the Prison.
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  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 172
    I know for a fact that Haer'Dalis was missing for me once, but the rest of the troupe was still there, strangely. In this case I think I had started the quest in Chapter 2, opening the portal, but I didn't go through it until Chapter 6.
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