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Weird Issue with Kangaxx - MAJOR SPOILER ALERT

Loads of spoilers below. I am not having the usual hassle of being unable to find the right tactics, and being unable to actully hurt the little bugger, but I'm having an infuriating problem with Kangaxx.

During my first attempt the demilich Imprisoned my PC so I was forced to redo it. Yhis showed my current set up was easily able to kill the shadow lich and then make some seriously big holes in the demilich. The next few times I kept getting nowhere ... but then I figured out what was happening. I get to the stage when the lich was "nearly dead" and then it seems that although he is taking loads of damage it doesn't seem to affect him. The last time I had definitely removed all his defence spells, and he had run out of attack spells. I am using all 4+ weapons, and the feedback box records me inflicting hundreds and hundreds of points of damage on him ... but he won't bloody die and turn into the demilich. I even used CLUA control-Y on him with no affect. I kept hitting him for ages, well over 15 minutes, till all the summoned creatures dissappeared and the NPCs started moaning about being tired. He must have takeh thousands of points damage showing up on the screen but he just won't bloody die.

Any ideas or help???


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,325
    The lich form doesn't need +4 weapons - merely magic will do.

    However, lich form has an immortality item. You can only end that phase by beating it down low enough and letting its script take over to transform it. Which might not be instant, but it's certainly going too far here.

    Do you have any mods? It's possible some mod broke lich Kangaxx's script so that it couldn't transform.
  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,434
    @jmerry thanks muchly for the quick reply :) I have many, many mods installed, but I haven't had any problems so far and in my first attempt the lich form died pretty much as per usual. Also, in all the failed attempts I got the bit of dialogue when he thanked us for freeing him but the change didn't happen.

    I went back a few saves and tackled the battle again. This time I had no problems getting the change to happen - the lich went down fast and pretty easily (all those mods helped my team to get pretty beefy and I've also done 4 floors in Watchers Keep.) I am just going to diagnose this problem as one of those weird, intermittent quirks than can pop up with loads of mods. Either that or the goddesses of the ether net decided to play a joke on me ;)
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