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How to check if romance is still in progress? Can I resume romance with characters out of party?

i kicked Neera out of the party with tweak anthology's send bioware npcs to inns component and she disappeared. I tried to put her into the game again with near infinity. it worked but i dunno whether that messed up her global variables she didnt banter with me or do romance talks at all when i fast foward time with ctrl t.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,741
    Neera's BGEE romance progress is tracked by a combination of global variable "NEERA_ROMANCE" and local variables "ROMANCE_PT#". The locals would reset if you created a new copy of the creature but not if you moved her from nowhere to somewhere with save-editing. But the way it's done, I think the romance would still be on track if you created a new copy of her.

    Then again, there are only three talks, the last of which is gated by the in-game events of Neera's quest. It's quite possible you're already done.
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