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how useful is set snare skill at low levels?

For a low lvl thief there are only 1-2 uses per day and at earlier levels there are other skills worth putting pts into. To make matters worse it's percentage based and it requires a high skill lvl to pull off the snare reliably. I've never used it in bg1. I have currently recruited some cleric thief npc Glint Gundersonson from soa and am wondering if I should put pts into his set snare skill instead of hide in shadows since he already has got 100in find traps, and invisibility potions works though they are in limited supply. What's your opinion on the skill? Should I get the skill instead of hide in shadows or other utility skills like detect illusion and open locks? When is a good lvl range to focus on the skill?Should I get set snare or should I focus on hide in shadows and move silently with a skill level of 50 / 50? Cleric thief lvl 6/6


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    If you invest in it, it's quite powerful. A few full sets of traps can trivialize the demon cult quest, for example.

    On the other hand, so are other thief skills. You probably can't afford to go for Set Traps at BG1 levels unless you're running multiple thieves. Which I do a lot, because thieves are great.

    My current run had two thieves in BG1, for example - Montaron (fighter/thief multi) and Shar-Teel (fighter-thief dual). Montaron took Open Locks, Find Traps, and stealth once he was done with those. Shar-Teel took stealth and then Set Traps.

    Oh, and a little tip. While the number of daily uses of Set Snare is low, you can reset them by reforming the party; if a thief leaves and re-enters, they get their daily class/kit abilities refreshed. Just don't do this immediately after a failed trap set deals damage to the thief, or they'll go hostile and your party/your successful traps will kill them. I generally only use this as a time-saver when I could rest safely anyway.
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