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Have I hit the limit for Companions?

I'm at BG 1 EE at Durlag's Tower.

I'm playing a Fighter/Mage and am at level 7 / 7 with next level in 9500 XP. My companions are:
* Shar-Teel - Fighter (not dual class) at level 7 with next level in 1956 XP
* Jaheira - Fighter/Druid at level 7 / 8 with next level in 9500 XP
* Coran - Thief/Fighter at level 8 / 7 with next level in 29500 XP
* Imoen - Thief/Mage at level 9 / 6 with next level in 9000 XP
* Neera - Wild Mage at level 9 with next level in 95690 XP

I noticed lately that despite how much experience my party obtained, the next level XP number in everyone (except Shar-Teel) never increases. Have I hit the limit for my party?

I'm at BG 1 EE at Durlag's Tower and badly need Coran to level up more so that I could allocate more to his Find Traps skill.



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,743
    The main BGEE campaign caps all party members at 161000 total experience each. You have reached that cap for all but Shar-Teel and Neera, and you'll hit the cap for Neera before she can gain any more levels.

    As for Coran's Find Traps skill, since you're not getting any more levels? Try potions of perception; +20 to that skill, lasting for six hours. You can buy some from certain merchants, and there's a stack of them to find in the first dungeon level.

    It's either that, or recruiting a different thief for the area. If you pick up Safana (assuming she was never in the party before), she'll start with 25 skill and immediately gain four levels - giving you enough points to assign to reach 100 and deal with every trap that can be disarmed at all.
  • DukesGDukesG Member Posts: 7
    Thank you for the response @jmerry , you rock!

    Dang, if I have known that the sum of both Mage / Thief levels are taken into account for the 161000 XP limit, I should have kept Imoen as Thief and not dual-classed. Now, she is neither here nor there.

    Maybe need to go back to grab Safana and her useless boyfriend.
  • DukesGDukesG Member Posts: 7
    Sorry, mixed up Safana with Skie. Yup got Safana and now to level her up a bit more before venturing to Durlag's Tower again.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,743
    Oh, yeah. If you want to dual-class Imoen and get her thief skills back at some point in the campaign, you need to do it at level 7 or earlier. I usually do it at level 6. Once you've pushed to level 8 or 9 as a thief, you might as well just stay on that class.
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