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EEKeeper Spell Saves/DC Edit

I am trying to edit a character's modifier to spell saves.

Just to be clear, I mean: "Targets suffer a +2 penalty when making Saving Throws against spells from the chosen school" for specialist mages, or something similar, what is referred to as the "DC" of the spell in later editions. I am not referring to the characters bonus to particular saves.

Thanks to anyone who is able to contribute to the topic/provide advice on how to achieve this. Have a great day!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,743
    It's not a stat anywhere in the file. The specialist save bonus is hard-coded.

    So, that leaves creating a custom effect. And looking through the IESDP ... I don't see any opcodes that could plausibly do what you want. I don't think it's possible at all.
  • BestDmanNABestDmanNA Member Posts: 10
    I came to that conclusion thanks to a few harder to find threads on this forum, but thanks for confirming it.

    Unfortunate to hear, but good to know the answer.

    Have a great day!
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