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Killing Hobart Stubbletoes

ShakeroyalShakeroyal Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone, it is actually my first playthrough when I say yes to Hobart Stubbletoes, and I don't really like to read guides, so I could not have expected this.

So, I was expecting that he would give some background on the castle he mentioned, but instead, without any warning, he teleports me to the other end of the world, where my party almost get killed in 5 minutes (I happened to speak with Hobart without much HP or spell slots).

He insults the party before the fight, and escapes to a nearby building. Naturally, after the fight, I follow him in order to question him on what the hell was that.

He acts like nothing happened, like we were in a random shop in Waterdeep small talking.

My party is not particularly evil, but at that point, I decided to kill him. It is obvious that he is up to no good, he deceived me already and almost get me killed, so my party is probably furious already, and he doesn't even bother to explain the situation. He seems, stupid, evil and kind of useless. (Well, he has a shop, but that would be an awkward reason not to kill him RP wise, knowing that his inventory would strangely disappear upon his death.)

I lose 4 points of reputation, and my ranger becomes a fallen ranger. I think I will just stick to my decision, and won't reload, but this seems odd nevertheless. It can be argued that killing is always an evil act, but he did try to kill me first, refuses to help and doesn't even bother to say "sorry, I won't do it again". I have already killed monsters more innocent than he is.

Sorry for the rambling, but I am curious of your opinions on Hobart.

Edit: misspellings and such

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