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Crash to Desktop when entering The Den of Seven Vales

CygnataCygnata Member Posts: 7
(BG2EE, Steam version)

This happens both on a clean install, and with mods installed. I attempted to cheat my way in as well, and the game still crashed. Therefore, it is a bug within the area itself, not the transition. Again, I *have* tried a clean install on a different computer, and it still occurs.

ETA: I can cheatjump to the second floor, no issues. Only the first floor causes the crash.

Mods installed, in order:
Fixpack (Optional But Cool only)
G3 Unfinished Business
G3 Tweakpack
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  • CygnataCygnata Member Posts: 7
    Found the issue, the corrupted version for BOTH modded and unmodded was in the override folder. Removed and working.
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