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Trouble exporting intelligent item

LordPasLordPas Member Posts: 47
I created an intelligent item as per

I am now trying to transport it and am having some trouble.
I clicked on the item in game and saved the .ERF and sent it to a friend.
When he tried to use it he said it was invisible.

I went back and added the item to my palette then right clicked the item on the palette and saved it as an .ERF

Before I sent it, I decided to test it. I made a new module, imported the .ERF file.
I could put the item in game but it would not talk.

I looked at the conversation editor and noticed that there was no conversation to be edited.
I thought that meant that the conversation wasn't exported but when I looked I didn't see an option to export the conversation.

Can someone please help?


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 1,055
    Exporting an item is moderately intelligent, but it doesn't look deep into scripts to discover hidden connections between assets.

    You have four components:
    • Item template
    • Placeable template
    • Conversation
    • Scripts - x2_s3_intitemtlk & x2_inc_intweapon

    In the toolset Export dialogue, there is a dropdown Resources of Type. Use this to select the item, then the placeable, then the scripts. It's OK to build a single erf in stages like that. The conversation should be exported automatically with the placeable, but you can select that explicitly, too, to be absolutely sure.

    If the item is still invisible to your friend, check whether you're using a model from a hak or override. If so, they will need the same hak / override, in addition to the .erf.
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