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HELP - 4/5 ppl party

Hey all,

Yes, I know this is been written about to death, but please bear with me. I never finished ID1 (I don't remember why) I now I want to finish the EE with a party. So, I was thinking of a 4 (max 5 ppl) party:

Human War Priest (Dual - Berserker, Cleric) - (role play leader)
Dwarven Defender
Elven Mage

4th??? Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger?
5th? Thief???

The stats I can manage, but I just want to make a no-nonsense party that has the ability to heal itself and is pretty versatile, but less than 6, preferably 4 but 5 is ok.

Any suggestions?


  • RenshtalisRenshtalis Member Posts: 136
    The obvs go to for my money would be fighter/cleric, cleric/Mage (extreme tank), fighter/thief with a ranger for fire support, the ranger also gives you the versatility of another fighter/fire support/healer
  • oakheartoakheart Member Posts: 64
    My preferred party of 5:

    Dwarven Defender

    Ranged/caster heavy, but excellent offensive spell/buff/debuff/heal/summon capability and strong melee with the FD and DD. The sorc if anything is a little overpowered, but fun as hell to play, especially at higher levels.
  • Wandering_RangerWandering_Ranger Member Posts: 175
    Cleric/Ranger (DPS/scout/healer)
    Fighter/Druid (Tank/DPS/healer)
    Fighter/Mage/Thief (DPS/ranged support/utility.... thief skills go into locks, detect, and traps)
    Bard (utility, pickpocket, and backup mage)

    This is a well-balanced party that does everything anyone could ever want and is extremely versatile.

    The F/M/T levels nicely and keeps up with the curve with the mage spells you'll find, as well as the thief skills. Because of the fighter classes, is an amazing archer to boot.

    The cleric/ranger covers your stealth needs, can summon skeletons, and can also DPS and heal (and turn undead), while the bard has got your pickpockets covered. The bard also does the support mage spells, mainly disabling, buffs, and crowd control (the FMT handles all the major mage spells). Finally, the bard's level 11 song is the thing that makes the class godly and will upkeep your party in the mid-late game.

    The F/D is a top-tier tank with iron skins and fighter health and capability. Can take a hit, dish one out, and heal, as well as disable lots of enemies AND has great summons with infinitely useful druid spells of IWD.

    Truly, the swiss army knife of a 4-person party. Literally does everything and does it well.
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