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Dorn and Neera CANNOT be one shotted.



  • toanwrathtoanwrath Member Posts: 621
    Sorry for the late response, but I was incorrect about my one-shot status. I guess I might have hit him twice quickly before he joined my party (or maybe I did a one-shot then, not quite sure) but when I was in Nashkel he wasn't at max HP (either a skeleton or a kobold pegged him down one when I wasn't paying attention). Interesting mechanic though.

  • iZEiZE Member Posts: 4

    What was your PC's max hp?

    My rogue that potentially got one-shot has max hp 8 and got hit with an 8 hp hit. I realize now that it is possible my rogue first took 1 hp hit and I didn't notice and then took an 8 hp crit. I retract my previous statements as I did not scroll far enough back in the combat log to check this.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    Coincidentally, there WAS a bug about Dorn and Neera where they couldn't die from hits, ever.
    That was from an intended feature where they wouldn't die in their intro fight only.

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