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Multiplayer questions, Switch and Mac

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Hello everyone!

I bought this game on my Switch a few months ago, but only recently started trying to play multiplayer. I want to play with my dad, who has a Mac laptop, but we're running into some weird issues.

If the Switch tries to connect to the Mac, it *cannot,* under any circumstances. we keep getting an error along the lines of "You are not allowed to play this premium module." But we're trying to play the OC together, chapter 2.

If the Mac tries to connect to the Switch, it *can,* but it starts the chapter over again for the Mac, while retaining the Switch's progress. ???

The Mac has mods on it, and I thought this might be the problem, but the mods all appear to work when the Mac connects to Switch?? So I don't think that's it. We both also only have whatever came with the game when we bought it; the Switch has the free add ons (Kingmaker and so on).

Some additional notes:

- Characters both retain levels and everything when the Mac connects to Switch, as long as we save our characters first.
- My Switch says I have the latest version, 1.0.2.
- The Mac is opted into the most recent beta, but we tried both standard and beta with no success.

I’ve already reported all of this to Beamdog tech support (ticket number NWNS-10282) but wanted to try again here just in case I was missing something silly.

Is there something we're doing wrong? Is this a glitch of some kind? How can we fix this? (Also sorry if this is long, just trying to cover all my bases!)

EDIT: The Mac is running Monterey, I don’t remember the version number. But likely the most recent since my dad is diligent about updates.
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