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Will the Android 11/12 file folder permissions issue ever be fixed?

Its a been a while now. When will the BGEE permissions issue ever be fixed so saves can be imported to BG2EE. Have an S21 phone with Android 11 and its been more than a year and I still can't get to the save files to import them to BG2EE, starting a new character with the same name is not a work around for this issue. Its really infuriating. Has any headway been made at all for this issue? Do the devs even care that the issue exists? I have tried all the work arounds. Xplore doesn't show the files, Solid Explorer doesn't show the files. No matter what file explorer I use it just shows empty folder 0 bytes.

I would really like to import my character and actually play that save through the whole trilogy on my android device. Can we please fix this issue one day?
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