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Game crashes when trying to rest

I'm playing on PC with Windows 11.

I've searched and have not been able to find anything about this one. When I go to rest doesn't matter where or who I talk to the game shows a black screen, and fails to load the clock movie, and just sits there. I've had it sit there for about 10 minutes and no luck. If I click in the playufield again it gets that blurred/faded white 'overlay' and then it crashes out. I have just completed the Modron Maze prior to finding Ravel on my current playthrough, and this bug appears in the past 10 saves I have. I don't have any saves older than that.

Are there any work-arounds for this? Is there anything I can try to to repair this issue? If It's a perma bug I'll be uninstalling and re-visting PSTEE in a couple of months as I am quite a ways in and don't really won't to restart from the beginning at the moment.
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