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Some issues with Imp polymorph

Tie_FighterTie_Fighter Member Posts: 41
edited December 2013 in Fixed
Testing the Lawful Evil familiar, Imp. Two things:

First, it can turn into various bears. That seems weird. Expected: No bears.

Second, the movement rate on some of the polymorphs are highly increased. The jelly and the Flind move around at at least twice the speed of what they should. Expected: Move more slowly. (Edit: actually all of them)

Then there is also the issue of the find familiar spell being completely broken at first level, but that isn't a bug but a balancing issue.

Edit: i did a search and couldn't find anything on this, but if this was already reported, feel free to delete the thread.

Edit2: Maybe the imp is simply hasted when polymorphed? It seems to have a lot of Imp just basicly single handidly defeated Greywold, pretty good for a little jokester.

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