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EEKeeper Issues with SoD (Seige of Dragonspear)

My EEKeeper crashed (due to my own stupidity) and I am trying to reinstall it. I am well into the SoD section (just finished Chapter 9) and I can't get it to accept the settings. I set a new profile (SoD), indicate the fame directory as per usual. The problem is with the save directory. Up till now it was recognising the sodsave files with no problems - I hadn't changed the settings from the BGEE part. However after the reinstall
1/. If I set the save directory to the usual Libraries->My Documents->Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition I can only see the BGEE game saves, not the SoD ones.
2/. If I set the save directory to My Documents->Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition->sodsave I can't see any files at all.
3/. Using the custom save option doesn't work.

I have found a work around - but its more than a bit clumsy and arse over tits (the mildest expletive I can come up with at this stage)
i - I set the save to the usual My Documents->Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition
ii - I locate the save game I want to change in sodsave, and copy it to save
iii - I open this copied file in EEKeeper and make the changes I want.
iv - I copy the edited file from save back into sodsave

Can anyone tell me how to just get my EEKeeper working like it was?
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