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LF 1 person for a BG1//BG2//ToB playthrough

GallimarGallimar Member Posts: 47
Hello as the title says im looking for 1 person for some classic BG 1 and 2 +ToB playthrough.
I only have 2 rules for my setup:
1. We controll 1 character each (No other party members)
2. No Fighter/mage combos (This includes Kensai/mage and other multiclass variants with involve fighter and mage in the same character). They just.. break the game and makes it too easy.

I live in sweden and i can usually play between 16:30-18:30 (GMT+1) almost everyday (More on weekends).
I would prefer if you had discord and a mic while we play for a smoother gameplay.
I will be playing a Dwarf Fighter/Thief with dualwielding Club/Scimitar

Add me on discord: Gallimar#5885
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