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Am considering a solo run for the relevant achievements

Which of the triple classes would you say works best for Flying Solo, F/M/C or F/M/T?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,614
    Practically any class can solo the game, with appropriate use of consumables. See the no-reload thread. And if you're just in it for the achievement, that only checks once, at the very end of the game. Using temporary party members to get past bottlenecks like the palace fight won't block it.
    So really, it comes down to "who can kill Sarevok solo?"

    I've killed Sarevok solo myself for my in-game time speedrun. My protagonist there was a LN illusionist/thief, who basically avoided most of the game's challenges with invisibility.
    As for Sarevok himself? Ferret power. Have the ferret familiar pickpocket wands of paralyzation and monster summoning from the protagonist, then save and load so the wands go into its quickslots. Leave the protagonist back at the entrance, and send up the ferret alone until it sees Sarevok. Who just stands there, because he doesn't detect any party members. Then use the wand of paralyzation repeatedly until he fails a save; it doesn't count as an attack if he makes the save and isn't stunned. Once he's stunned, Sarevok goes hostile but his buddies don't. Summon monsters to bash him to death.
    There are so many reasons this shouldn't work ... but it does. With virtually no risk.
  • FateAscendsFateAscends Member Posts: 63
    It seems this information is no longer correct. Accepting anyone into your party at any time seems to flag your save file as 'no longer solo'. You must run from imoen at the start of the game to preserve your solo run.

    Also most speedruns just cheese sarevok with magic immunity, invisibility, and repeatedly triggering the traps in the middle of the room to nuke him with a dozen skull traps :)
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,614
    On closer examination ... I needed to look at more than one script. Yes, allowing anyone else into the party at any time sets a variable that blocks the achievement.

    So, then, what are the biggest roadblocks to solo victory? Look at the no-reload thread to that. The palace doppelganger fight would probably top most players' lists.
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