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Dryad Falls Dryad bug (keeps asking for help after lumberjacks death) [solved]

CashDiverCashDiver Member Posts: 1
I met a similar bug before (Sarhedra ogres quest), found the solution here:

Now the same situation is with Dryad, after Krumm & Caldo death she keeps asking for defence. Xzar is silent. I'm not familiar with CLUAConsole stuff, maybe it is possible to tweak some parametres for situation development? Location replay wasn't help. If I kill the Dryad an appropriate diary record appears with reputation loose, what means the scripts are working.

One more thing to mention, when I met Sarhedra bug, the game was clean (BG EE Trilogy 2.6.6, unofficial by Foxx). Soon after i've used EE Keeper 1.04 to make some inventory changes (loosed some goods for trade). Current glitch happened a little later, but I already passed the Fire Leaf Forest and everything was fine.

UPD: EE Keeper wasn't the reason of bug, everything is the same without use of this application.

UPD UPD: I've found the simple solution, the reason was trigger state bug in included NPCProject mod v27.1. You need to change it through console. Activate it and enter the following command:

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