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Cat's luck bonus in ToB

golingarfgolingarf Member Posts: 157
I read on the wiki (here: ) that the cat familiar gains +5 luck in ToB, which would almost make it viable to let out of the backpack sometimes. However, in an EE install, poking around FAMCAT25.CRE I cannot find anything that would suggest this is true. Does anyone know if the cat really gets that luck bonus?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,621
    The ToB cat does indeed get +5 luck. Luck isn't shown on the main summary screen in NI, but it's one of the fields you can see in the edit panel; offset 0x6d, between the thief skills and the BG1-style proficiencies.
  • golingarfgolingarf Member Posts: 157
    Thanks, that's really interesting. Makes me not feel too bad about not getting the rabbit.
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 939
    That is cool! Did not know this.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,621
    A list of all creatures in BG2EE with nonzero innate luck:

    OHHPHREY (Phreya) +50. Recurring annoyance in Hexxat's ToB quest, until the game finally lets you kill her.

    BADLUCK (Jariel) +20. A testing NPC, left in the files but not used.
    RIBALD (Ribald) +20. Very important shopkeeper.
    SHTH01, SHTH11 (Hanz) +20. Extortion specialist from the player thief guild and an encounter at the city gates.
    SHTH02 (Goshan) +20. OK, everyone from the player thief guild has this huge luck bonus.
    SHTH03 (Kretor) +20.
    SHTH04 (Morsa) +20.
    SHTH05 (Joster) +20.
    SHTH06 (Varia) +20.
    SHTHASS1 (Ama) +20. Including the ones you have to fight.
    SHTHASS2 (Shadow Thief) +20.
    SHTHASS3 (Thief) +20.
    SHTHDR01 (Brannel) +20.
    SHTHLT01 (Jariel) +20.
    SHTHLT02 (Lathan) +20.
    SHTHSTOR (Rattell) +20.

    SEVPAT05 (Brennan Risling) +10. Thief in Mencar Pebblecrusher's group, tries to run away when things go bad.

    FAMCAT25 (Cat) +5. ToB cat familiar.
    SARVIE01, VIEKANG (Viekang) +5. Guy who needs more fear in his life.

    OHB2PHAR (Phaere) +4. From the unused sixth BP2 tier, cloned from Sendai.
    SENDAI (Sendai) +4. ToB boss, but only the real one.

    CHALDT01, CHALIN01 (<CHARNAME>) +3. The aspects of yourself from the third pocket plane challenge.
    CHANG01, CHANG02 (Angelo) +3. Angelo from the second pocket plane challenges.
    CHGOOD08 (Aran Linvail) +3. Boss from the pocket plane challenge.

    AMSMUG02 (Smuggler) +1. Not the one with the shop.
    ARAN, ARAN02, PPARAN2 (Aran Linvail) +1. Both friendly and hostile versions in the SoA campaign.
    BODHI, BODHI2, BODHIAMB, C6BODHI, CHEVIL08, CUBODHI, DRBOD (Bodhi) +1. Almost all versions of her.
    BRUS, BRUS2, BRUS3 (Brus) +1. Shadow Thief kid messenger.
    CHALTROL, TROLGI01, TROLGI02, TROLENS (Giant Troll) +1. Various versions of giant trolls.
    CUSHAD1, CUSHAD2, CUSHAD3, CUSHAD4, CUSHAD5, CUSHAD6 (Shadow Thief) +1. Cutscene shadow thieves.
    GAELAN, GAELAN2 (Gaelan Bayle) +1. Shadow Thief representative.
    HARPASS1 (Lucette) +1. Assassin who kills Xzar, and then attacks you if your reputation is very low.
    HGTRL01, HGTRL02 (Fire Troll) +1. Fought in the fire giant lair.
    KPDEAD01 (Servant) +1. Not used, as far as I can tell.
    KPGLAI01 (Glaicus) +1. Head servant in the keep. Charm him, dispel him, or fight him.
    OHBLNGNS (Lounge Noser) +1.
    OHBNOS01, OHBNOS02, OHBNOS03, OHBNOS04, OHBNOS05, OHBNOSHU (Noser) +1. Servants in Black Pits 2.
    OHHDRAGO (Dragomir the Red) +1. Fought in Hexxat's first quest.
    PPSHAD01 (Shadow Thief). Victim of Irenicus in the asylum.
    RENAL (Renal Bloodscalp) +1. Shadow Thief manager.
    REPTHF1 (Shadow Thief) +1. From an unused low-rep encounter script.
    RYLOCK (Rylock) +1. Harper representative in the docks.
    STASS1 (Shadow Thief) +1. Just a generic thief in the aboveground headquarters.

    No creatures naturally have negative luck. You need something like fatigue or intoxication for that to come up.
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